Tag: Taxation

  • Throwing Sand into the Money Machine

    German Pensions and the Financial Transaction Tax Throwing sand into the machinery of financial markets was the goal Attac Germany set itself when it was founded 20 years ago. A financial transaction tax (FTT) was one of its core demands. Indeed, this provided the name for the original French organization that was founded two years prior: … Keep reading »

  • Taxing the Rich is Only a Start, Though it’s a Good One

    It’s become near-consensus on the social democratic left that you can fund a decent welfare state by taxing the rich and shrinking the military. Sad to say that isn’t true. Those are good things in themselves, and you could pay for some excellent things with that agenda, but it would still be well short of … Keep reading »

  • Tax Cuts: Its All About Capitalism

    Powerful corporations and the rich in the United States continue their winning ways. By narrow margins, both the House of Representatives and Senate have agreed on a budget proposal that calls for an increase in the federal deficit of $1.5-trillion in order to fund a major reform of the U.S. tax system that will make … Keep reading »

  • How Not To Fund Infrastructure

    Recycling is supposed to be a good thing, so when the federal Liberals quietly announced that “asset recycling” would be part of their strategy for meeting their much-ballyhooed infrastructure promises, not many eyebrows were raised. They should have been. Asset recycling is an obscure code word for selling our public goods for private profit. It’s … Keep reading »

  • Tax Cuts, Privatization and Deregulation Disguised as Public Policy

    Where are we going as a society? We once proudly invested in our schools, pools, libraries, daycare, healthcare, roads, electricity, water and sewers. Today we’re busy slashing social services and letting our infrastructure crumble. With new technologies in place, families are working longer hours and harder and our resources are demanded all over the world. … Keep reading »

  • The Deficit Battle

    The tension mounts as President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner appear locked in a battle over how best to slash the federal deficit. The Treasury Department is scheduled to run out of borrowing authority on August 2 unless Congress agrees to raise the federal debt ceiling. No one is sure what … Keep reading »

  • Economic Crisis and Tax Injustice

    The Associated Press’s Robin Hindery reported on October 29, 2010 that the AP had found a remarkable fact: communities across the U.S. have been raising their local property taxes. The AP surveyed 39 states and studied 2,387 revenue measures that came before town, city, and county voters. In most of those elections, voters favored measures … Keep reading »

  • Fueling the Tax Revolt: What’s Wrong with the NDP’s Anti-HST Campaign

    The Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) has devoted much of its energy in recent months to opposing the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Ontario and British Columbia. The new taxes came into effect on July 1, 2010. The HST merges the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) … Keep reading »