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  • If Unions Had Organized the South, Could Trump Have Been Avoided?

    At a time when activists and commentators are puzzling over the United States’ enduring conservatism, Michael Goldfield’s new book The Southern Key: Class, Race, and Radicalism in the 1930s and 1940s (Oxford University Press, 2020) provides some perspective. Goldfield argues that the old question “Why no socialism in the US?” reduces to “Why no liberalism … Keep reading »

  • 2020 US Election Post-Game / Back to Brunch

    We chat about the results of the 2020 US Election, diving into discussion about Biden’s depressing win, Trump’s legal fights, several of the ballot measures passed on election night, and the future of the left under a Biden administration. Listen to audio »

  • Defeating Trumpism, More to Build

    The Struggle is Not Over Bernie Sanders Because of your efforts, we have won the most important election in the modern history of our country. As I’ve said many times, this election was not just about Biden vs. Trump and what their views on the issues were. It went much deeper than that. This was an election … Keep reading »

  • From the Streets to the State and Back Again

    Learning From the Sanders Moment The essays gathered in this collection were written in the midst of an escalating and multifaceted crisis situation in the United States. They address the search for a socialist politics in a highly uncertain period during which the legitimacy – if not the structural persistence – of neoliberalism came under increasing … Keep reading »

  • US Election: What Could it Mean for Canada and the Canadian Left?

    The US election is about much more than Trump, and it provides some food for thought for Canadian socialists. Keep reading »

  • The Work Ahead, No Matter Who Wins /w Sam Gindin

    Sanjiv Gupta interviews Sam Gindin. They talk about how to transform America whatever the outcome of the US election. They discuss socialist visions, Syriza, racial solidarity in the US, and the need for widespread socialist education. Watch video »

  • How Can Socialists Help Stop Trump?

    Eric Blanc interviews Leo Panitch about the upcoming presidential election in the US. Eric Blanc (EB): I would love to hear your take on the question of whether or not socialists should be voting and/or campaigning for Joe Biden. For me, I’ve really had a hard time squaring the circle on this, because on the … Keep reading »

  • Escape from America? We’ll need international solidarity to fight emerging fascism

    We’ve now reached the quadrennial moment on our shared Turtle Island when some Americans begin to proclaim, “If so-and-so is elected president, then I’m going to Canada.” In the past, it’s been easy to dismiss those announcements as impetuous and ungrounded. I certainly remember hearing these declarations years ago in the wake of Bush or … Keep reading »

  • Policing the Poor and Minorities as Counter-Insurgency

    The Minneapolis City Council’s attempt to defund police may have fizzled out for the moment, but the problem of police violence across the United States is unresolved – and much of it stems from the institution’s colonial, counterinsurgency roots. Here are seven counterinsurgency features of policing and the inequities in the criminal justice system. 1. … Keep reading »

  • The Threat of Fascism Won’t End with Trump

    It will take sustained progressive political pressure now and into the future to dismantle the powerful fascist forces that threaten our democracy. Keep reading »

  • Strange Bedfellows: Trump’s Political Base

    “Earlier in his career the world had watched him with amusement, that people refused to take him seriously, and as one action after another met with amazing success, this amusement was transformed into incredulousness. It was inconceivable that such a thing could actually happen in our modern civilization. A madman had become the leader. Having … Keep reading »

  • The Sanders Moment and After

    Socialist Strategy and State Crisis Bernie Sanders’ campaigns were seen as an apparent breakthrough for the left, allowing the widespread delegitimation of neoliberal ideology to be expressed within the parameters of the party system. Their failure compels socialists to return to difficult organizational and strategic questions – and the answers are as uncertain as ever. As … Keep reading »