In the early 21st century, it is imperative that the Left begin a sustained process of organizational redevelopment, experimentation and struggle. Neither capitalism nor neoliberalism will fade from the planet based on the momentum of their own contradictions, or as result of new technologies. The SP is a Toronto-based organization that supports the rebuilding of the socialist Left in Canada and around the world. Committed to the development of a more free, democratic, humane and sustainable society than the one we live in, the SP opposes capitalism out of necessity and supports the struggles of others out of solidarity. We support struggles aligned with working class emancipation, anti-oppression, democratic self-determination, planetary sustainability, and peace. We do not propose a fast route out of capitalism, claim a ready alternative to take its place or extol any one Left tendency. We engage the concrete limits and possibilities of emerging struggles within and against capitalism as it is today with an eye to making a different kind of future.