The Scarlet Standard is a podcast focused on Canadian political-economy and Toronto-based political activism from an internationalist socialist perspective. We also host interviews with authors, academics, activists, and organizers on the Left. It is hosted by Bruce Kecskes and Amadeus Narbutt.

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Lessons for Organizing: Amazon and Beyond ft. Jonathan Rosenblum

March 3, 2022

Matt Davis and Tori Fleming interview Jonathan Rosenblum for a discussion about labour organizing strategies, Amazon, and the US National Labor Relations Board. Listen to audio »


Voluntourism and Canadian Imperialism /w Shreya Ghimire

December 12, 2021

We are joined by Shreya Ghimire to discuss the colonial foundations of the “Voluntourism” and it’s intersections with Canada’s imperialist foreign policy. Listen to audio »


Neoliberalism, Unions, and the Left /w Sam Gindin

November 7, 2021

We are joined by Sam Gindin, a legendary Canadian labour researcher, author, and organizer, to chat about a wide-range of topics involving the state of labour in North America. Listen to audio »


Post-Election Debrief

September 26, 2021

We discuss Canadian politics post-election: implications of the results for each of the major parties, their leaders, and continue to bemoan the strategic and political failures of the NDP. Listen to audio »


The DSA Goes to Venezuela ft. Tom Wojcik

August 22, 2021

We are joined by Tom Wojcik, DSA activist, and we discuss sanctions against Venezuela, the commune project within the country, and international solidarity. Listen to audio »