Working Together? First Nations Movements Respond to Liberal Government

Statement on Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples Framework Legislation Engagement Document This Fall, the Trudeau government is planning on unilaterally introducing into Parliament their “Federal Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada” legislation. The “Framework” is a collection of federally imposed law … Keep reading »

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  • 25 Years After the Oslo Accords, Independence Remains More Elusive than Ever for Palestinians

    September 13, 2018, marks 25 years since the first of the Oslo Accords was signed by Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on the White House lawn amid great fanfare. Many Palestinians hoped that they would finally be free of Israel’s then-quarter-century-old military rule and have a state of … Keep reading »

  • The Politics of Hurricanes

    How Climate Catastrophe Victimizes the Poor Climate change catastrophe is, as this article is written, facing hundreds of thousands on the eastern seaboard of the United States and on the Philippines island of Luzon, as Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut make landfall simultaneously. Mangkhut also threatens Hong Kong, South China and maybe Vietnam. In the United … Keep reading »

  • Elections in Pakistan: A Populist Moment?

    The third consecutive general election was held in Pakistan on July 25th, with the Pakistan Movement for Justice party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, PTI) of celebrity-cricketer Imran Khan emerging as the largest party in parliament. For a country marred by long bouts of military rule, the continuity of (at least formal) democracy might be taken as good … Keep reading »

  • Carceral Capitalism and Anti-Capitalist Politics

    Review of Jackie Wang’s book Carceral Capitalism (MIT Press, 2018). It is arguably one of the most wide-ranging, critical, and theoretically nuanced examinations of the political economy of the carceral state in the USA to date. Keep reading »

  • The U.S.-Turkey Stand-off in Context

    The U.S. and the Weaponization of Global Finance Turkey was thrust into a full-blown currency crisis when U.S. President Donald Trump hoisted tariffs on Turkey’s steel and aluminium exports to the USA, the country’s most serious crisis since Recep Erdogan’s AKP came to power 16 years ago. The Lira lost more than 40 percent of its … Keep reading »

  • Reflections on Prison National Strike Against Slave Labour

    Prisoners in many states in the U.S. began a coordinated National Strike on August 21, the anniversary of the killing of Black Panther member and prison activist George Jackson by guards in an escape attempt, in 1971, at San Quentin prison in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the context of the times, a mass … Keep reading »

  • Demeaning Democracy: Turning Doug Ford’s Attack on Toronto into a Movement for Democratic Renewal

    We, the undersigned group of scholars and teachers, deplore the autocratic and arbitrary reduction of ward representation for Toronto city council contained in Bill 5 being rushed through the Ontario Legislature by the just-elected Doug Ford-led Conservative provincial government. Keep reading »