What Ever Happened to the Energy Transition?

Anyone trying to understand what’s happening with the world’s energy systems right now can be forgiven if they are confused. On one hand, most people know about the climate emergency, and the need to move away from fossil fuels. On the other hand, we frequently see headlines about “record setting” levels of wind or solar … Keep reading »

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  • On the Democratic Character of Socialist Revolution

    Under the headline “Why Kautsky was right,” Eric Blanc wrote: “Leninists for decades have hinged their strategy on the need for an insurrection to overthrow the entire parliamentary state and to place all power into the hands of workers’ councils.” When I read these words, my mind went back to a day 40 years earlier … Keep reading »

  • Greece: 39 Months at City Plaza for Refugees Ends

    On July 10th, 2019, the keys of squatted City Plaza, Athens, Greece, were handed back to the former employees of the hotel. All refugees living at City Plaza have been moved to safe housing within the city. Keep reading »

  • Canada Joins Campaign to Stifle Criticism of Israel

    Canada becomes the next major player in the international drive to weaponize false allegations of antisemitism to protect Israel, writes John Clarke. Keep reading »

  • Oppose Canada-Saudi arms deal

    Open Letter to CLC President Hassan Yussuff on labour opposition to Canada-Saudi arms deal #StopSaudiArmsDeal Keep reading »

  • Paris Police Teargas Peaceful Climate Demonstrators

    It was 42° C (108° F) in Montpellier, France, last week, and the French police were still teargassing peaceful demonstrators – whether Yellow Vests in Montpellier or ecologists in Paris protesting capitalist-generated Global Warming on the hottest day in French history! As the contradictions between neoliberal economics and human life become more visible, police repression … Keep reading »

  • The Koch Brothers and the Tar-Sands

    Big Lies and Ecocide in Canada As we know, big lies can run free across borders with few people joining the dots. For example, no media has been reporting that China’s growing dispute with Canada is based on Canada’s enforcement of the Trump administration’s unilateral embargo against Iran. This is what politicians called ‘the rule of … Keep reading »

  • Lessons from the Past: Markets, Plans, Bureaucracy

    Wilder Pérez Varona interviews Eric Toussaint on a range of issues dealing with the Russian Revolution, conducted on 8 May 2019 during the International Colloquium dedicated to Leon Trotsky. Keep reading »