COVID-19 and ‘Actually Existing’ Unions

The shut-down of non-essential work in response to COVID-19 has decimated labour markets. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 20.5 million more workers lost their jobs in April, as official unemployment skyrocketed to 14.7%. It is the largest single-month increase in unemployment since the data series started in 1948. In Canada, the news … Keep reading »

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  • COVID-19 and the Crisis in Long-Term Care in Ontario

    The Ontario Health Coalition sent an open letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford signed by family councils, health professionals, social organizations, cultural organizations, seniors’ and retirees’ groups, health coalitions, legal clinics, and many others who collectively represent more than 1.5 million Ontarians. Almost unbelievably, the Ford government is rushing through their new home and community … Keep reading »

  • Palestinians Demand Sanctions on Israel to Stop Illegal Annexation

    In a statement launched May 21st, tens of Palestinian civil society organizations, professional associations, unions, human rights and advocacy groups, and networks, representing an overwhelming majority of Palestinian civil society, called on governments to adopt “effective countermeasures, including sanctions” to “stop Israel’s illegal annexation of the Occupied West Bank and grave violations of human rights.” … Keep reading »

  • India’s Kerala Is Combating COVID-19 Through Participatory Governance

    The effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by the left-ruled Indian state of Kerala has garnered widespread attention across the world. For a small state, successful control over the pandemic has to do with its people-centrist policies and participatory governance, in tandem with a collaborative public sector. Keep reading »

  • COVID Life and the Asset Economy

    Following the 2007-08 financial crisis the creation of a less unequal and fairer world appeared to be a major prospect. As is by now all too familiar, after the financial crisis, instead of becoming more progressive, societies turned out to be more unequal, with inequalities and asset-based class divisions becoming more embedded and entrenched, and … Keep reading »

  • Novel Virus, Old Story: Government Failings Put Healthcare Workers at Risk

    An Ontario nurse with COVID-19 is terrified she will infect her young child. A COVID-19 screener in a small urban hospital isn’t provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) as she undertakes nasopharyngeal swabbing of suspected cases. A personal support worker (PSW) in a long-term care (LTC) facility sits in her car in tears before starting … Keep reading »

  • Bethune’s Socialized Medicine and the Public Health Crisis Today

    “…that consumption and the other pulmonary diseases of the workers are conditions necessary to the existence of capital.” — Karl Marx We are at war! The heads of states throughout the globe are posing as chieftains in this quixotic war against an enemy who no one understands. War rooms are being set up to manage … Keep reading »

  • Food Inequality, Covid-19 and the Community Restaurant

    Far from the COVID-19 pandemic bringing us together, it has revealed and exacerbated existing and brutal social inequalities. The UK’s food system was intensely unequal before COVID-19, but the crisis has exacerbated these underlying trends. Looking at the UK’s socio-economic inequalities through the prism of its food – the way it is produced, marketed, prepared … Keep reading »