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  • Argentina: Facing Another Debt Crisis

    After four years of brutal neoliberal policies under Mauricio Macri as President, Argentina is again facing a major debt crisis. Let us remember that when Macri started his mandate in December 2015 he accepted all the injunctions formulated by a New York magistrate, who had ruled in the favor of vulture funds against Argentina. This … Keep reading »

  • Bolivia: The Coup and the Right-Wing Assaults

    Corvin Russell speaks with Kathryn Ledebur of the Andean Information Network and Bret Gustafson of Washington University in St. Louis about the coup, right wing atrocities, and extreme repression currently happening in Bolivia. Keep reading »

  • Origins of the Crisis: On the Coup in Bolivia

    Regarding recent events in Bolivia, some things are simple: Was it a coup? Yes. On Sunday, November 10, the commander-in-chief of Bolivia’s armed forces, General Williams Kaliman, publicly told Evo Morales, a constitutionally elected president, that he ought to resign for the good of the country. There is no other name for this kind of … Keep reading »

  • Two Reports from Chile

    The Neoliberal Miracle Under Fire Unexpected turmoil erupted in Chile on October 18th, when high school students mobilized against a subway fare increase. On October 25th, another two million Chileans joined them in opposition to the impacts of neoliberalism in every aspect of life. They are in revolt against political, social and economic abuses stemming from … Keep reading »

  • The Long Coup in Ecuador

    Elected on a progressive platform, the Moreno government has resorted to the politicization of justice and the militarization of politics to repress its former allies and constituents. Keep reading »

  • Lessons from Bolivia: A View from Cuba

    Sad news comes from Bolivia. The coup has been accomplished. Once again, the military has decided the game in our Latin American region, treading on the very Constitution they swore to defend. President Evo Morales and Vice-President Álvaro García Linera resigned. They said it was to avoid further bloodshed. It’s the end of an era … Keep reading »

  • The coup in Bolivia: Five lessons

    Argentine sociologist Atilio Boron offers an important reflection on the coup in Bolivia. Keep reading »

  • Crisis in Chile – an interview with Carlos Torres

    Corvin Russel interviews activist and writer Carlos Torres from Santiago on the rapidly developing protests and political crisis in Chile. Keep reading »

  • Demands from the Workers of Chile

    The uprisings that continue in Chile began as a student protest against a proposed fare increase for public transport. It quickly evolved into a general wave of protest against the government of Sebastián Piñera and all the mounting grievances of neoliberalism – horrible working conditions, social inequalities, privatizations, a negligible welfare state, and more. The … Keep reading »

  • Stop Backing a Corrupt, Repressive and Illegitimate Haitian President

    Open letter calling on the Canadian government to stop backing a corrupt, repressive and illegitimate Haitian president In recent months, Haitians have demonstrated their overwhelming opposition to President Jovenel Moïse. There have been massive protests and multiple general strikes demanding Moïse leave. We consider their demands legitimate. A recent corruption investigation by Haiti’s Superior Court of … Keep reading »

  • Class Struggle in Chile: President Piñera At War With His Own People

    Chile has been held up for decades as South America’s clearest example of the stability possible when neoliberal policies are adopted and implemented as if they were religious tenets. The country is now in a situation of open rebellion. This revolt has exploded in Chile exactly as a result of the consequences of those same … Keep reading »

  • Bolivian Horizons: An Interview with Pablo Solón

    Jeffery R. Webber interviews Pablo Solón about the recent elections in Bolivia. Keep reading »