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  • Local Elections in Brazil: The Return of the Living Dead

    Brazil held local elections this past November. These always take place midway through the legislative terms of the presidency and the national parliament, and hence, serve as an important temperature check on the general political mood. Usually, the party of the sitting president who was elected two years earlier receives a boost. Yet, since president … Keep reading »

  • A Country Is Entitled to Refuse to Repay a Debt

    The following interview, given by Éric Toussaint to the Argentine review Mugica, has been adapted to make it accessible to readers who are not necessarily aware of the details of what is going on in Argentina. The arguments used in the article are supported by the realities of the situation in Argentina. They can be … Keep reading »

  • Capitalism and Climate Change in Honduras

    Honduras lies in tatters. Ecological catastrophes in the form of twin hurricanes have rapidly destroyed its pandemic-ravaged economy. At a press conference in Tegucigalpa, Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez said that his country already had 7% of its GDP wiped out by the pandemic, and that the combined impact of COVID-19 and two deadly storms … Keep reading »

  • How Ecuador’s Democracy Is Being Suffocated

    A recent poll showed that if Andrés Arauz Galarza were allowed to run in Ecuador’s presidential election of 2021, he would win in the first round with 45.9 per cent of the vote. The pollsters found that Arauz – who was the minister of knowledge and human talent from 2015 to 2017 – wins across … Keep reading »

  • The MST on the Crisis in Brazil: Economy, Education and Politics

    The pandemic has accelerated the consequences of the crisis on people, the forms of labor exploitation and natural goods. Keep reading »

  • On the Eviction of 450 families from Quilombo Campo Grande, Brazil

    During the second week of August in Brazil, the ruthlessness of state violence by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro was on full display against the Quilombo Campo Grande community established by the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), the landless workers movement of Brazil. After sixty hours of resistance against the military police, … Keep reading »

  • Havana Once Again Under Quarantine

    Introduction Last month The Bullet published a report on Cuba’s remarkable success in meeting the threat of COVID-19, “Cuba in the Last Stretch of the Pandemic.” At the time there was good reason to accept Fernando Ravsberg’s assessment that Cuba had successfully met the challenge, that the worst was over and that the mop-up operation … Keep reading »

  • Extractivism and Exploitation in Peru

    Martin Vizcarra, Peru’s president, has announced that “[t]his government has taken up the challenge and has been working on the approval of a new regulation for mining procedures in order to streamline those procedures.” The regulation “aims to provide certainty for investors in order to boost private investment” and will satisfy the demands of mining … Keep reading »

  • Bolivia’s Perfect Storm: Pandemic, Economic Crisis, Repressive Coup Regime

    Introduction The rising toll of diseased and deceased from the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Bolivia particularly hard, in a continent that is now in the lead in global contagion rates. As of August 8, more than 100,000 cases were officially confirmed or suspected in that country, with 3,600 deaths among a total population of just … Keep reading »

  • The Collapse of Healthcare in Peru

    On 11 March 2020, Peru declared a 90-day national sanitary emergency. Subsequently, the country announced a total lockdown beginning 16 March, 2020. Despite implementing one of the earliest and strictest COVID-19 containment lockdowns in Latin America, Peru has gotten trapped in the turmoil of rising COVID-19 cases. With more than 420,000 Coronavirus cases, Peru has … Keep reading »

  • Elon Musk and the Overthrow of Democracy in Bolivia

    On July 24, 2020, Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that a second US “government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people.” Someone responded to Musk soon after, “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? The US government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you … Keep reading »

  • Popular Protagonism in the Transition to Socialism

    In this interview, Michael Lebowitz explores the importance of participation and democracy in the construction of socialism, while reflecting on the internal contradictions of the Bolivarian Process. He was interviewed by Cira Pascual Marquina of Cira Pascual Marquina (CPM): You have written a great deal about the transition to socialism, and one of your … Keep reading »