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  • A New Lucas Plan for Post-Pandemic Socially Useful Jobs?

    Online forum on how worker-led industrial conversion can deal with the coronavirus pandemic as a model for the future. Watch video »

  • Workers’ Power + Renewable Electrification of the Whole Economy

    A Red-Green New Deal in Transport The transport sector represents one of the most serious challenges when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, which are increasing faster than from any other sector in society – and at an ever-increasing pace (over 120 per cent globally over the last 30 years – and still increasing in all … Keep reading »

  • Ecological and Social Planning and Transition

    The need for economic planning in any serious and radical process of socio-ecological transition is winning greater acceptance, in contrast to the traditional positions of the Green parties, favorable to an ecological variant of “market economy,” that is, “green capitalism.” In her latest book, Naomi Klein observes that any serious reaction to the climate threat … Keep reading »

  • Are Climate and Disaster Victims Violent?

    Klare’s Paean to the American Military Michael T. Klare’s new book, All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change, is an uncritical paean to the American military. He credits the Pentagon with taking climate science seriously. But he does not question, bring contradictory evidence, or analyze the military’s self-appointed role as global manager of … Keep reading »

  • Green New Deals: Climate Movements and Labour Unions

    Author and labor organizer Jane McAlevey is interviewed by Alleen Brown, on why winning on climate in the 2020 election means changing how we talk about the clean economy. Keep reading »

  • Covid-19, the Climate Crisis and Lockdown

    With the coronavirus, we are really trying to mitigate the revenge blow from nature. It’s a moment to be humble and realise our finitude in a wondrous and infinite natural order. Keep reading »

  • From Coronovirus to the Green New Deal

    Navigating the Perilous Passage When we have dealt with the coronavirus crisis, we need to address the climate emergency. We have learned a lot from handling the pandemic that will help in tackling climate change. It is critical to tackle the crisis early, based on the best scientific evidence. Indecisive political leadership pushes the crisis quickly … Keep reading »

  • Weaponizing the Numbers

    The Hidden Agenda Behind Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform Among progressives concerned about climate change, few issues provoke as much anger as the knowledge that governments continue to subsidize fossil fuels. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in 2017 these subsidies totaled $5.2-trillion annually. Don’t governments realize that fossil fuels are cooking the planet? The scientific community … Keep reading »

  • From Fossil Capitalism to Energy Democracy?

    The struggle for hegemony in an era of climate crisis As the 21st Century’s second decade opens, the increasingly severe symptoms of climate change comprise a pivot in the struggle for hegemony, globally and within national formations. With the highest per capital carbon emissions among the G20 states, Canada is a climate laggard and, in … Keep reading »

  • Wall Street Can’t Fix the Environment – and Neither Can Bay Street

    On December 16, 2019, a few dozen members of Canada’s business, academic and government elite met in Toronto at the invitation of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). They were there to officially launch the Energy Future Forum (EFF), “a new pan-Canadian initiative to develop policy answers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the … Keep reading »

  • The Climate Crisis and the Crisis of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets

    The world’s oil, gas, and coal companies would incur what the Financial Times (FT) recently described as “breathtaking” losses if they’re not allowed to extract and burn their enormous reserves. In total, fossil fuel CO2 emissions contained in untapped reserves are estimated at 2910 gigatonnes (GT) or nearly three trillion metric tons. To put that … Keep reading »

  • Climate Activists Can’t Afford to Ignore Labour

    A Shuttered Refinery in Philly Shows Why In the early morning hours of June 21, 2019, a catastrophic explosion tore through the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) oil refinery in the southwest section of Philadelphia. The training and quick thinking of refinery workers, members of United Steelworkers Local 10-1, averted certain disaster and saved millions of lives. … Keep reading »