Category: Environment

  • Climate Justice Charter in South Africa

    We need to build working class and popular power to confront the biggest challenge we face as a species. As democrats we are putting forward our demands, aspirations and alternatives to build a society that can mitigate and endure climate change. Watch video »

  • Three Major Threats to Life on Earth

    Large parts of the world – outside of China and a few other countries – face a runaway virus, which has not been stopped because of criminal incompetence by governments. That these governments in wealthy countries cynically set aside the basic scientific protocols released by the World Health Organization and by scientific organizations reveals their … Keep reading »

  • A Strategic Perspective for Uniting Ecosocialists in Québec

    Newly formed ‘Révolution écosocialiste’ organization proposes a green, ecosocialist and democratic program for building a mass movement in the 21st century. Keep reading »

  • Freedom Instead of Selfishness: The Climate Movement After the Pandemic

    What applies to the pandemic also applies to the climate: the crisis is already happening. Hence, immediate and consistent action is needed. Keep reading »

  • What Do Mine Tailings Dam Disasters Teach Us?

    Brazilian mining activists invited Judith Marshall to participate in their November 5th commemorations of the anniversary of the tailings dam collapse at the Vale/BHP iron mine in Mariana, Brazil. Marshall was a founding member of the International Network of People Affected by Vale (AV) formed in 2010 while she worked in the Global Affairs Department … Keep reading »

  • Ecosocialism: The Strategic Debate

    Those of us who inhabit planet Earth in the 21st century face a huge problem. Our own species, homo sapiens (modern humans), are trashing the planet at an ever increasing and more destructive rate. If this continues the ability of the planet to sustain life (human life in particular) could be gone within decades. We … Keep reading »

  • Eco-Socialist Futures /w Dimitri Lascaris

    We speak with Dimitri Lascaris about his experience running for leader of the Green Party of Canada as an eco-socialist. We also delve into eco-socialism’s intersections with internationalist foreign policy, the COVID-19 health crisis, and the future of the Canadian left. Listen to audio »

  • For an Egalitarian, Cooperative Road to an Ecosocialist Future

    This important Ecosocialist Manifesto, published by the Green Left emerges out of Australia in preparation for the forthcoming conference, Ecosocialism 2020: From rebellion to revolution, supported by the Socialist Alliance. It will be open for further discussion and development through a series of Ecosocialism conferences in several cities across Australia in late October. We are … Keep reading »

  • Community Fridges and Mutual Aid Amid the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has revealed many things about the structural social inequalities of capitalism – from the class and global inequalities of access to public healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Keep reading »

  • Internationalism or Extinction

    Returning to the major crises we face at this historic moment, all are international, and two internationals are forming to confront them. One is opening today: the Progressive International. The other has been taking shape under the leadership of Trump’s White House, a Reactionary International comprising the world’s most reactionary states. We are meeting at … Keep reading »

  • A New Lucas Plan for Post-Pandemic Socially Useful Jobs?

    Online forum on how worker-led industrial conversion can deal with the coronavirus pandemic as a model for the future. Watch video »

  • Workers’ Power + Renewable Electrification of the Whole Economy

    A Red-Green New Deal in Transport The transport sector represents one of the most serious challenges when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, which are increasing faster than from any other sector in society – and at an ever-increasing pace (over 120 per cent globally over the last 30 years – and still increasing in all … Keep reading »