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  • German Unions and the Climate Crisis

    German trade unions have realized that the green transition needs to happen – and they’re fighting to make sure it’s bosses, not workers, who pay for climate justice. Keep reading »

  • Green Designs for 21st Century Socialism

    Before turning to the subject matter at hand two abiding issues in Marxist thinking need to be addressed. First, when Marx inveighed against Utopian Socialist futuristic model building, he never intended it to become a mantra dissuading socialists from thinking practically about socialist institutional design. Rather, Marx simply insisted that such endeavors only be undertaken … Keep reading »

  • The Koch Brothers and the Tar-Sands

    Big Lies and Ecocide in Canada As we know, big lies can run free across borders with few people joining the dots. For example, no media has been reporting that China’s growing dispute with Canada is based on Canada’s enforcement of the Trump administration’s unilateral embargo against Iran. This is what politicians called ‘the rule of … Keep reading »

  • Lessons for the Climate Emergency

    Rationing, Moratoriums, Ending War “The bad news is that if history teaches us one thing, it is that there never has been an energy transition… The history of energy is not one of transitions, but rather of successive additions…” Bonneuil and Fressoz, The Shock of the Anthropocene. The New Deal and World War II are reminders … Keep reading »

  • What Ever Happened to the Energy Transition?

    Anyone trying to understand what’s happening with the world’s energy systems right now can be forgiven if they are confused. On one hand, most people know about the climate emergency, and the need to move away from fossil fuels. On the other hand, we frequently see headlines about “record setting” levels of wind or solar … Keep reading »

  • What Will it Take to Win a Green New Deal?

    Analysis of the struggle for a #GreenNewDeal in Canada #strike4climate #CdnPoli Keep reading »

  • The Green New Deal: Whither Capitalism?

    The Green New Deal resolution by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey sparked an immense amount of discussion on all layers of political discourse, national and international. The way Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and many others phrase the problem in the broader context of social, economic, and environmental grievances caused by capitalism is crucial for setting the … Keep reading »

  • Confronting the Climate Emergency

    A panel and discussion on how we can confront climate emergency in our city, looking for solutions for the urban environments. The City of Ottawa, following many cities around the world, has recently declared a climate emergency. The federal environment Minister is now asking Parliament to declare a climate emergency. But the big question remains: … Watch video »

  • Green New Deal: Plan, Mood, Battlefield

    This article first published on the Viewpoint Magazine website. Climate scientists are beginning to sound like radicals. The 2018 IPCC report concluded that “unprecedented changes across all aspects of society” would be needed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In its devastating report on the dire state of the planet’s ecosystems, the UN’s panel … Keep reading »

  • Growth in Renewables has Stalled. Investment is Falling. But Why?

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently announced that the growth of capacity additions to renewable power generation stalled in 2018, after nearly two decades of growth. Calling the new findings an “unexpected flattening of growth trends,” the IEA noted that this development raises serious questions about reaching climate targets. Net new capacity from solar photovoltaic … Keep reading »

  • People Music: From Mozart to Climate Change

    David Yearsley’s fine article “Disaster Music” in April 12 Counterpunch generates thoughts about what can be called People Music. At present, global political and environmental events unfold disastrously. Yearsley writes about people in the past facing the forces of natural catastrophes, framed as People versus God in Handel’s powerful music: “…earthquakes on land and beneath … Keep reading »

  • Climate Emergency Manifesto

    Climate action is our number one priority in European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL). We do not see it as a stand-alone struggle; it includes struggles for decent jobs, high living standards and gender and racial equality. Keep reading »