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  • Attawapiskat First Nation versus De Beers Diamond Mine

    Massive Garbage Dump in Fragile Wetlands Habitat? In May 2019, production at De Beer’s Victor diamond mine on the traditional territories of Attawapiskat First Nation came to an end. In all, more than 8 million carats of diamonds were taken from the giant open pit mine that generating billions in revenues for the mine’s owners. But … Keep reading »

  • Scarlet Standard Episode 2: Canada in the World w/ Tyler A. Shipley

    We speak with Tyler A. Shipley about his new book Canada in the World: Settler Capitalism and the Colonial Imagination. We dive into the juxtaposition between Canada’s performance as a well-intentioned peacekeeping force on the international stage, with its original sin of colonial genocide and its continuing behaviour as a settler colonial power. Listen to audio »

  • Canada in the World

    “When the European settlers arrived, they needed land to live on. The First Nations peoples agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements.” – Complete Canadian Curriculum (Grade 3), 2017. In 2017, the Complete Canadian Curriculum guide for third graders claimed that “the First Nations peoples moved to areas called … Keep reading »

  • Canada Lays Bare the Lie it Calls “Reconciliation”

    Canada and British Columbia send police to arrest Wet’suwet’en leadership opposing pipeline construction on their land. The Canadian state today is in the throes of a historic crisis of its own making, as it stands off against the Wet’suwet’en Nation, an Indigenous nation in northern British Columbia (BC) that is blocking construction of the Coastal GasLink … Keep reading »

  • Far Right Vigilantes Attack Land Defenders and Organized Workers

    “Rule of Law” and Class Violence Fascism is bare knuckle capitalism. A key element of fascist mobilizations is a fighting street force. Vigilantes ready and willing to attacked organized members of the working class, exploited, and oppressed. With fascism on the rise across many of the so-called Western liberal democracies, including Canada, we can see horrible … Keep reading »

  • Indigenous Resistance Shakes the Canadian State

    Indigenous groups resisting a destructive gas pipeline have blockaded one of Canada’s busiest rail lines bringing business as usual to a grinding halt, reports John Clarke. Keep reading »

  • Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Against the Colonial Policies of the Canadian State

    The RCMP raids over the last days on the orders of the Canadian government on Wet’suwet’en protestors blocking the construction of a $6.6-billion pipeline, by Coastal GasLink for a liquefied natural gas project in Northern British Columbia, has set off a storm of blockades, protests, and occupations across the country. It is impossible not to … Keep reading »

  • Book Launch: On This Patch of Grass /w Matt Hern

    A discussion based on the new book On This Patch of Grass: City Parks and Occupied Land (Fernwood Press, 2019), with author Matt Hern, and respondent Cheryl Teelucksingh (Ryerson University), Joce Tremblay and Andrea Bastien (Indigenous Climate Action and the Indigenous Land Stewardship Circle). Moderated by Greg Sharzer. Parks are importantly fertile places to talk … Watch video »

  • Fighting Pipelines, Defending Sovereignty

    Over 1000 Professors and Scholars from across Canada and around the world sign Statement of Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people of British Columbia. #Wetsuwetenstrong #Unistoten Keep reading »

  • Toronto Purchase Revisited

    Toronto has been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. This forum attempts to bridge the gap between two deeply intertwined histories of Indigenous people and labour. Watch video »

  • Working Together? First Nations Movements Respond to Liberal Government

    Statement on Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples Framework Legislation Engagement Document This Fall, the Trudeau government is planning on unilaterally introducing into Parliament their “Federal Recognition and Implementation of the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada” legislation. The “Framework” is a collection of federally imposed law … Keep reading »

  • The Colonial State and the Suppression of the Plains Cree

    Chief Poundmaker and Chief Big Bear It is impossible to disentangle the making of the Canadian state from the history of European – and particularly French and British – imperialism and colonialism. In acts of incredible hubris and chauvinism, the territories of the Americas were claimed by Europeans – mediated by the great European churches – … Watch video »