Category: Theory

  • How Socialists Resist Rightist Coups: Lessons from the Early Communist International

    Parliaments and elections are no guarantee of democratic rights and fair treatment for working people. Capitalist forces displeased with an electoral outcome are all too likely to take direct action to impose their will, whether by financial manipulations, economic blockades, or military coups. Even apparently stable parliamentary regimes in dominant countries can be challenged in … Keep reading »

  • Leo Panitch and the Socialist Project

    The death of Leo Panitch has made the world a darker place. His writings have carried us through some of the most difficult periods in the history of the socialist left, as wave after wave of the neoliberal onslaught broke workers’ organizations, serving up one defeat after the next. Leo’s work sustained so many of … Keep reading »

  • Leo Panitch’s Many Lessons on Living Under American Empire

    Leo Panitch’s untimely death last weekend is a tragic loss for the international left. His intellectual and political contributions toward rebuilding working class movements in such diverse settings as North America, the UK and Greece were consistently lucid, incisive and trenchant – that is, indispensable. They reflect an internationalist commitment to concrete struggles for democratic … Keep reading »

  • Friedrich Engels’ Thinking on Science in These Times

    On this bicentenary of Friedrich Engels, we need to understand the struggle of ideas he was engaged in during his lifetime, and what significance it holds today. Keep reading »

  • On ‘Rioting’ and State Violence

    The uprising that emerged following the murder of George Floyd reignited debates about violence both in the media and among activists and scholars of social movements. Under pressure to distinguish the violence sometimes used by protestors from the state violence they oppose, activists have alternated between emphasizing the strategic or moral value of nonviolence and … Keep reading »

  • What Questions Must Students Ask Their Educators, and Why?

    Given the enormous problems that humanity is facing, it is reasonable to expect to see a future society that is radically different from, and superior to, the current one, that is a society which is genuinely democratic in the economic and non-economic spheres of life. And to produce a better society, we need better ideas, … Keep reading »

  • Reading Capitalist Realism Ten Years On

    Today, in the interregnum of the post-crisis, austerity-driven, global neoliberal capitalist society, we are confronted with a range of contradictions potentially threatening our very way of life on Earth. From looming ecological catastrophes and the threat of the capitalocene, to the rise of artificial intelligence and digital automation threatening stagnation, to refugee crises and culture … Keep reading »

  • Socialism and Accountability

    History teaches us nothing, so said Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Andrea Nahles, to justify discontinuing the SPD’s Historical Commission. Long ago, Rosa Luxemburg took the opposite position: “history is the only true teacher” (GW 4: 480). Perhaps history really doesn’t teach us how we should act immediately in our current situation. This is true … Keep reading »

  • Luxury Eco-Communism: A Wonderful World is Possible

    This film is very much not a utopian vision of the future. In fact, the very different strategies of utopian and materialist thinking for imagining the future are discussed in the first part of the film. Instead of a utopia, the film presents a wide variety of issues, suffering and problems experienced by people, whose … Watch video »

  • A Window of Opportunity for Leftist Politics?

    How to Continue In and After the Corona Crisis The current crisis represents a new form of crisis and can certainly be understood as a sign of things to come. This is because it is not only the result of a dynamic internal to the economy as was the case with the financial crisis, which many … Keep reading »

  • The Pandemic and the Need for a New Society

    During the on-going pandemic, humanity’s suffering has increased enormously. To date, June 13, 2020, 7.78 million people in the world have contracted the coronavirus, and 429,000 have died. In the richest and most powerful country in the world, more than 2.12 million cases have been reported, with 116,929 deaths. The adverse effects of the pandemic … Keep reading »

  • The Communist Movement at a Crossroads

    Under the general editorship of John Riddell, the record of the Communist International (Comintern) under Lenin has been retrieved from history and made alive again for our time. The aim of this series of texts, starting in 1983, has been to present the record, documents and debates of the Comintern, in its own words. The … Keep reading »