• Revolutionary Optimism: Journeys in Radical Politics Past and Present

    On the Reality Asserts Itself program of The RealNews network, Prof. Leo Panitch is interviewed by host Paul Jay. This is a four-part interview – recorded in March 2018. Watch video »

  • Jodi Dean – Four Theses on the Comrade

    The 2018 Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture presented by Jodi Dean: “Four Theses on the Comrade.” Recorded in Toronto, 16 February 2018. Watch video »

  • Crisis of the State, Crisis of the Left: Articulating Socialism After the Anarchist Moment

    The current period in the U.S. remains defined by the 2008 crisis and the economic policies and political forces it set in motion. This has now evolved into a growing crisis between the forms of governance, strategy, and administration that have defined the U.S.-led period of globalization and the state mechanisms of representation. Keep reading »

  • 2018 Socialist Register: Rethinking Democracy

    The antagonism between liberalism and democratic processes is increasingly visible amidst the contradictions of capitalist globalization today. This is seen in authoritarian measures being adopted by so many states, as well as in concepts like post-democracy gaining currency in theoretical and political debate. The 2018 volume of the Socialist Register on Rethinking Democracy was conceived … Watch video »

  • The Crisis of Social Democracy: From Norway to Europe

    The crisis of social democracy is being debated throughout Europe. Several of the historically strong labour parties have almost been wiped out in elections while others seem unable to recover from defeat. In the last few years, a number of social democratic parties have ended up with only one-digit election results (Greece, Ireland, Iceland, The … Keep reading »

  • Ecological Sustainability, Inequality and Social Class

    Karl Marx’s concept of sustainability is connected to his concepts of metabolism and reproduction. While the first connection is well recognized in recent literature (famously in the work of Paul Burkett, John Bellamy Foster and many others), the second connection is not. Moreover, sustainability is potentially connected to another crucial concept in Marx’s thinking – … Keep reading »

  • Renewals and Transitions: Socialist Practice and Vision

    Session 6 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: Renewals and Transitions: Socialist Practice and Vision. Presentations by Michalis Spourdalakis, Sam Gindin, Bhaskar Sunkara and Saeed Rahnema. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

  • States and Markets: The Making of Globalization

    Session 5 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: States and Markets: The Making of Globalization. Presentations by Dick Bryan, Ana Garcia, Sean Starrs and Pat Armstrong. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

  • John Kannankulan and Stefan Kipfer – Cracks and Fissures in Europe

    Authoritarian Statism, the Hard Right and Challenges for the Left. Moderated by Greg Albo. Presentations by John Kannankulam and Stefan Kipfer. Recorded in Toronto, 21 November 2017. Watch video »

  • Power: Institutional Foundations for Classes and States

    Session 4 of the Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy conference: Power: Institutional Foundations for Classes and States. Presentations by Ruth Felder, Adam Hilton, Ursula Huws, and Doug Henwood. Recorded in Toronto, 7 October 2017. Watch video »

  • Henry Giroux – Higher Education and the Plague of Authoritarianism

    Toronto – 26 October 2017 Higher education in our politically desperate age is threatened by a legacy that it does not dare to name and that legacy with its eerie resonance with an authoritarian past asserts itself, in part, with the claim that education is failing. The Trump administration needs education to fail in a … Watch video »

  • Building Capacities: Education for Democracy

    Transcending Pessimism, Reimagining Democracy – Session 3: Building Capacities: Education for Democracy Recorded in Toronto, 6 October 2017. This conference is in honour of Professor Emeritus Leo Panitch (York University). The conference was held October 6-7 at York University. More information here. Session 3 was moderated and introduced by Dennis Pilon (York Unversity). Presentations by: … Watch video »