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  • Canada’s ‘Liberals’ Have a Disturbing Imperial Streak

    Canada’s embassy in Venezuela has just been closed. The spur for this closure is an open attempt by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to overthrow Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro. Canada is one of the leaders of the Lima Group, a network of countries that came together in 2017 with the express purpose of regime change in … Keep reading »

  • Hard Right Turn Ontario

    A decade after the global financial crisis, few of the initial political calculations on the trajectory of world capitalism remain intact. The assessments made by liberals and social democrats alike on the end of neoliberalism and a revival of Keynesian state intervention now seem like a bad joke. And the reading from many on the … Keep reading »

  • Another Round of Punishing Austerity in Ontario

    The eminent conservative scholar of public budgeting Aaron Wildavsky characterized annual budgets as a record of “victories, defeats, bargains, and compromises.” The province of Ontario’s 2019 Budget, the first of the new Conservative government of Doug Ford, does indeed tell us something of this – additional fiscal supports for business, erosion of social expenditures in … Keep reading »

  • Where is Canada’s Socialist Resurgence?

    Socialism is back, at least south of the border. The popularity of Bernie Sanders, the election of open socialists such as Kshama Sawant, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Ilhan Omar, the growth of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the teacher strike wave across many ‘red states’ are just some of the signs that socialism … Keep reading »

  • Conservative ‘Blue Wave’ Sweeps Across Canada

    The provincial level of government is now dominated by the Conservatives and other hard right political parties. The only viable resistance to Canada’s creeping blue wave will come from a united working class, writes John Clarke. Keep reading »

  • Québec Solidaire to Fight Quebec Government’s Bill 21 on Religion and the State

    As it had threatened during last fall’s election campaign, the newly-elected Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government has introduced legislation to prohibit a wide range of persons “in authority,” including teachers, from wearing symbols of their religious beliefs while exercising their functions. Keep reading »

  • Time for Some Critical Thinking

    We learned many lessons in fighting the Conservative governments in the past, and personally in our long battle to block the privatization of Ontario Hydro One. Keep reading »

  • From Liberal ‘Ideology’ to Massive Cuts: Ford’s Education Policy for Ontario

    Education Minister Lisa Thompson walked up to the podium at the Ontario Science Centre on Friday to tell Ontarians about her plan for education. But first, she took a shot at the Liberal Party. Liberal “ideology” she claimed, got it wrong on education from the “social experiment” of the 2015 sexual education curriculum to Discovery … Keep reading »

  • Trudeau Doctrine

    Many Canadians are familiar with the Monroe Doctrine. First issued in 1823, it warned European powers against renewed colonization of the Western Hemisphere. Presented as anti-imperialist, the Monroe Doctrine was later used to justify U.S. interference in regional affairs. We may be seeing the development of a Canadian equivalent. The “Trudeau Doctrine” claims to support … Keep reading »

  • Opportunities for the Montreal Urban Left

    Opportunities exist for an organized urban left one year into the Projet Montréal administration’s mandate. That was the key message of a recent event organized by the Montreal Urban Left, an initiative launched in the wake of the 2017 Montreal election. “We saw the need to provide some sort of organized left counterweight committed to … Keep reading »

  • Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin: Of Hosts and Parasites

    Every now and again the sophisticated web of myths and fantasies that hides the brutality and ugliness of capitalism is ripped away by sleazy and rapacious actors. 1. Trudeau We are told, again and again, that we are fortunate to live in a capitalist nation that is subject to the Rule of Law. We are free … Keep reading »

  • Fordism and Ontario Universities: College “For the People” Who Can Pay

    In 2011, The Quebec Liberal government of Jean Charest decided to hike post-secondary school tuition fees by 75 per cent over a five-year period. This move mobilized students across Quebec and by 2012 a demonstration in Montreal brought out between 100,000 and 200,000 people. About 310,000 out of a total 400,000 students across the province … Keep reading »