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  • Ten Reasons to say No: A Primer on Sidewalk Labs’ Plan for Toronto

    Review of Sidewalk Labs’ plans for Toronto’s waterfront and some of the reasons to say no to corporate control and to insist instead, on a democratic and citizen driven process. Keep reading »

  • The Saga of SNC-Lavalin: Quebec Inc. and the Canadian State

    For several months now the SNC-Lavalin saga has continued to unfold, although it has been displaced somewhat in the current election campaign. You will recall the small storm that arose when star cabinet ministers in the Trudeau government, Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould in particular, resigned over the refusal to prosecute some shady “cases.” Trudeau, … Keep reading »

  • Ontario’s Resource Revenue Sharing Agreements

    A Step Toward Reconciliation? Announced last spring, Ontario’s new resource revenue sharing (RRS) agreements with three northern First Nations councils are set to come into effect this fall. The agreements were marketed with lofty rhetoric. The government press release described them as “an historic step on Ontario’s journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.” The … Keep reading »

  • Book Launch: The Trudeau Formula w/Martin Lukacs

    Book launch with The Trudeau Formula author Martin Lukacs, discussants Judy Rebick and Russ Diabo, and moderator, Sharmeen Khan. Watch video »

  • Bringing SNC-Lavalin to Mind in this Uninspiring Federal Election

    Who would have believed, just a few months ago, that the SNC-Lavalin scandal would scarcely have been registered so far as one of the key issues in the current Federal election? This has nothing to do with the short memories of our politicians or the voters. Rather it depressingly speaks to the narrow range of … Keep reading »

  • The Canadian Election and Palestinian Solidarity

    Voters looking to cast a ballot in support of Palestinian rights will be out of luck when it comes to the main parties – PM Trudeau’s Liberals, and the main opposition Conservatives #elxn43 #cdnpoli Keep reading »

  • Oats for Breakfast highlights

    This episode features highlights from content that we’ve published over the course of the last year – including excerpts from our interview with Adolph Reed, our first attempt at engaging in cultural critique, and our discussion about the Zizek-Peterson debate. Listen to audio »

  • Sneak peek: Patreon-exclusive segment on Western Canada

    Our discussion about life and politics in Western Canada continues. We talk more about indigenous-settler relations and get into the oil sands, forest fires, and about whether there’s hope for turning the tide. Listen to audio »

  • Life and politics in Western Canada

    We discuss life and politics in Western Canada – Alberta’s premier Jason Kenney, public education in Alberta and British Columbia, and about indigenous-settler relations in the two provinces. Listen to audio »

  • Canada’s ‘Liberals’ Have a Disturbing Imperial Streak

    Canada’s embassy in Venezuela has just been closed. The spur for this closure is an open attempt by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to overthrow Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro. Canada is one of the leaders of the Lima Group, a network of countries that came together in 2017 with the express purpose of regime change in … Keep reading »

  • Hard Right Turn Ontario

    A decade after the global financial crisis, few of the initial political calculations on the trajectory of world capitalism remain intact. The assessments made by liberals and social democrats alike on the end of neoliberalism and a revival of Keynesian state intervention now seem like a bad joke. And the reading from many on the … Keep reading »

  • Another Round of Punishing Austerity in Ontario

    The eminent conservative scholar of public budgeting Aaron Wildavsky characterized annual budgets as a record of “victories, defeats, bargains, and compromises.” The province of Ontario’s 2019 Budget, the first of the new Conservative government of Doug Ford, does indeed tell us something of this – additional fiscal supports for business, erosion of social expenditures in … Keep reading »