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  • Living Wages for Airport Workers?

    The 2018 increase in Ontario’s hourly minimum wage to $14 was perhaps the most substantial victory for low-wage workers in decades, including workers at Pearson International Airport. In a recent survey, it was found that 1 in 5 of the airport’s 50,000 workers earns minimum wage. The Fight for $15 and Fairness continues the struggle, … Keep reading »

  • We Should Be Free to Say ‘Fuck You’ to the Boss

    As soon as we show up for work, our much-vaunted free speech goes out the window. But when we win full employment and don’t fear losing our jobs, we can tell the boss what we really think. Keep reading »

  • GM Oshawa Last Day of Vehicle Production

    Don’t Let it be the End of the Line for the Oshawa Plant! The last GM vehicle to be produced in Oshawa, Ontario rolled off the line on Wednesday, 18 December 2019. We are gathered to mark the almost criminal actions of General Motors Company in abandoning assembly and supplier workers and the community of … Watch video »

  • Ontario Teachers Ramp Up the Pressure on the Tories

    Ontario teachers are ramping up their fight against the Tories’ 18-month attack on public education. On Tuesday, public elementary teachers stepped up their work-to-rule refusing, for example, to participate in performance evaluations, plan new field trips, buy school supplies on their own time and register for additional qualifications courses. Yesterday, many Ontario Secondary teachers staged … Keep reading »

  • Workplace Struggles and Democracy: Challenges for Union Organizing

    Jane McAlevey is everywhere these days. Recently appointed a senior fellow at Berkeley’s Labor Center, she is now also a regular columnist for both the Nation and Jacobin. Her webinar (“Organizing for Union Power”) has a global audience. She continues to be called on to address unions and run training sessions in the United States, … Keep reading »

  • Iranian Workers Condemn the Killing and Violent Suppression of Protesters

    On November 15, 2019, following a sudden 300% gasoline price hike, protests erupted across Iran, mostly by working-class and underprivileged people. Dissatisfaction among Iranians is at such high levels that in just 48 hours mass protests spread out to more than 100 cities. However, these righteous protests by the oppressed people were crushed and bloodied … Keep reading »

  • Green Jobs Oshawa and a Just Transition

    One year ago, GM announced the closure of the Oshawa Assembly Plant. Workers in the community faced the crushing reality that their livelihood was being stolen. At a time of record profits, in the billions of dollars, GM showed a complete disregard for thousands of workers and their communities. Out of this devastation Green Jobs … Keep reading »

  • Trade Unions and Climate Change

    The Need for a Programmatic Shift Climate change is a trade union issue. That is what we increasingly, and rightly, have been told by international trade union leaders over the last ten to fifteen years. While the inter-governmental negotiations on climate change can be dated back to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 … Keep reading »

  • Chicago Teachers Transform the City and the Labor Movement

    Chicago teachers and staff returned to the classrooms Friday November 1st, after more than two weeks on strike. Their walkout lasted longer than the city’s landmark 2012 strike, as well as those in Los Angeles and Oakland earlier this year. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike also lasted long enough for the season’s first snowstorm … Keep reading »

  • How Seven Thousand Quebec Workers Went on Strike against Climate Change

    With a crowd of 500,000, Montreal’s march for the climate was the largest in the world during the September 20-27 week of climate action. Yet it was also noteworthy for another reason. Despite provincial labour laws preventing unions from striking over political issues, 11 locals representing 7,500 workers formally voted to go on strike for … Keep reading »

  • The GM Strike and the Historical Convergence of Possibilities

    On September 16, 2019, forty-six thousand defiant General Motors (GM) workers streamed out on strike. This eruption of long-festering worker anger and frustrations was directed not only at a corporation that had treated its workforce so shabbily, but also at the often-complicit role of their own union. The strike call came from the UAW’s top … Keep reading »

  • Rough and Plenty: A Memorial

    Exploring the parallel processes of dispossession in the Scottish Clearances and Canada’s East coast fishery. Keep reading »