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  • Palestinian Striking Workers Triumph

    After 19 days of an open-ended strike demanding their human and labour rights, Palestinian workers at Yamit have suspended their strike on January 20. The workers’ committee has reached this decision following an agreement with the company to meet their demands. The agreement, which still needs to go through legal procedures in Israeli courts, states … Keep reading »

  • We Urge International Support to Palestinian Striking Workers

    On January 1st, 2021, when the world was celebrating the new year, 75 Palestinian workers at the Israeli settlement factory of Yamit Sinoun started an open strike demanding the company to respect their rights. The company produces water filtration systems for the global market and the striking workers demand human-like working conditions, better wages, paid … Keep reading »

  • Google Workers Launch New Union

    On January 4th, workers at Google and other Alphabet companies announced the creation of the Alphabet Workers Union with support from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) – the first of its kind in the company’s history. It will be the first union open to all employees and contractors at any Alphabet company, with dues-paying … Keep reading »

  • Precarity U

    Members of United Steel Workers (USW, Local 1998) tell their stories about the reality, good and bad, of working on casual contracts. Watch video »

  • Failure to Protect Essential Prisoner Workers Undermines Public Safety

    The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading through federal prisons. As of December 30, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has reported 1093 positive cases and three deaths among federal prisoners. The outbreaks show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Prisoners and advocates have called for action to combat the spread and keep prisoners and surrounding … Keep reading »

  • When They Say Jump: The ATU and the TTC

    On Thursday, December 17, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU Local 113), the union that represents the majority of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) workers, provided an example of how not to organize its membership for a job action. At 7:30pm, the evening before the action was meant to take place, members received a vague text from the … Keep reading »

  • The Farmers’ Fight Is Our fight!

    New Trade Union Initiative – Secretariat The New Trade Union Initiative supports and stands in solidarity with the on-going farmer’s struggle, including the call for Bharat Bandh by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee and other platforms of farmers’ unions. The lack of willingness to find a fair and just solution to the demands of … Keep reading »

  • Amazon Workers Are Organizing a Global Struggle

    Amazon is seeing record profits – but little trickles down to the ground-level workers who keep the online giant running. Keep reading »

  • New Vehicle Production Announced at GM Oshawa

    Green Jobs Oshawa (GJO) is a project that began in late 2019 in a struggle against the closure of the historic GM Oshawa assembly complex, where the workers are organized into Unifor Local 222. Workers from the main assembly and supplier plants, retirees, activists from other unions in the Durham region and elsewhere, and environmentalists … Keep reading »

  • Resisting Amazon Is Not Futile

    Amazon represents the pinnacle challenge to union organizers and socialists throughout the country. Are we in a 1919 moment, still a generation of failures away from breakthrough success? Or closer to 1935, approaching the tipping point of winning real worker power? Keep reading »

  • If Unions Had Organized the South, Could Trump Have Been Avoided?

    At a time when activists and commentators are puzzling over the United States’ enduring conservatism, Michael Goldfield’s new book The Southern Key: Class, Race, and Radicalism in the 1930s and 1940s (Oxford University Press, 2020) provides some perspective. Goldfield argues that the old question “Why no socialism in the US?” reduces to “Why no liberalism … Keep reading »

  • Justice and Dignity for All

    Introduction By Evert Hoogers, retired postal worker and former CUPW National Union Representative. This gripping labour documentary takes 34 minutes to provide an inspiring account of 40 years of struggle by rural and suburban mail couriers in successfully winning the right to unionize, joining the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and finally gaining pay … Watch video »