Category: Social Movements

  • The Class Struggle Against the Pandemic

    Kevin Courtney, joint General Secretary of the National Education Union (NEU), summed it up when he said, the best response to the Tory pandemic disaster is to join a union and join the Zero Covid campaign. Talking at a 400-strong online conference, he paid tribute to NEU and Unison members who had followed union advice … Keep reading »

  • On ‘Rioting’ and State Violence

    The uprising that emerged following the murder of George Floyd reignited debates about violence both in the media and among activists and scholars of social movements. Under pressure to distinguish the violence sometimes used by protestors from the state violence they oppose, activists have alternated between emphasizing the strategic or moral value of nonviolence and … Keep reading »

  • US Election: What Could it Mean for Canada and the Canadian Left?

    The US election is about much more than Trump, and it provides some food for thought for Canadian socialists. Keep reading »

  • United Front or Bust

    People lie. People cheat. People steal. Some get punished. Some wind up taking the punishment for someone else. That’s the way of this wicked world. But a wise man once said that the prevailing ideology of a society reflects the ideology of its ruling class. So, when the president blatantly lies, cheats, steals and twiddles … Keep reading »

  • The Scarlet Standard: Episode 1 – The Christie Pits Riot

    In this inaugural episode we discuss the legacy of the Christie Pits Riot of August 1933. As the largest riot in Toronto’s history, this event stands as a watershed moment in Canadian-Jewish history, and should be regarded as a great act of anti-fascist resistance. Today, echoes of this history can be seen in rising tides of fascist violence, the bizarre relationship between Canadian police and Nazism, and the courageous efforts of protesters in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Listen to audio »

  • Augmenting the Left: Challenging the Right, Reimagining Transformation

    The ongoing wave of action for the defunding and abolition of armed police has provoked a familiar yet unresolved series of questions for the left. Momentous though the movement may be in its scope and demands, it nonetheless now confronts a series of political obstacles, and will need to maintain an expansive coalition of activists … Keep reading »

  • The Left in Belarus Is Fighting to Put Social Demands at the Heart of the Protests

    The protests in Belarus have widely been painted as a pro-Western “color revolution” or “Minsk Maidan,” ignoring the deeper reasons for popular discontent with president Alexander Lukashenko. Keep reading »

  • Political Struggle in the Time of Covid

    The film explores the possibilities for socialist change in the pandemic situation. Emergency economic measures demonstrate for example that the “unaffordable” is actually not and the temporary can be made permanent. This sort of positive possibility is set against what the ruling class will attempt in terms of exacerbating inequality through wealth transfer to the … Watch video »

  • Racism, Class Solidarity and Systemic Change

    To usher in systemic change, the left faces the challenge of not only reconciling racial inequities with class solidarity, but also avoiding two strategic errors of the past that have consigned the left to cooptation or irrelevance. Keep reading »

  • All of Us Began with Marta Harnecker

    During an interview, then-Bolivia Vice-President Álvaro García Linera and Spanish state parliamentarian Pablo Iglesias were exchanging ideas on classic texts and their own initiation into politics when the Spanish activist proclaimed: “All of us began with Marta Harnecker.” This statement is not only true for today’s young leftists but for thousands of people who have … Keep reading »

  • The Politics of the Mask

    Today we face the paradox of states simultaneously criminalizing masks, and mandating them because of COVID-19. In this interview, social theorist AK Thompson explores the history of masks in protests and why rioting is politically effective. Keep reading »

  • The Labour Party Machine versus Corbyn

    In our new book Searching for Socialism, we noted the way the party’s general secretary, Iain McNicol, and his staff were involved in exploring the possibility of preventing Jeremy Corbyn from contesting the second leadership election in 2016, and we speculated that Labour might have won the 2017 election if McNicol’s officials had not withheld … Keep reading »