Category: Anti-Racism

  • Dispatches From Palestine on COVID-19

    Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) is releasing a series of dispatches from Palestinians and Palestine solidarity activists reflecting on life in Gaza and the West Bank under the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world grapples with the outbreak, and as we organize mutual aid and solidarity in many cities, we must keep Palestine in both our minds … Keep reading »

  • Contesting Bill 168

    Controversial Antisemitism Bill Passes Second Reading in Ontario Independent Jewish Voices Canada is deeply dismayed and concerned with the Ontario Government’s decision to unanimously approve Bill 168, the Combating Antisemitism Act, on its second reading at Queen’s Park yesterday. The Bill seeks to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) flawed and controversial definition of antisemitism. … Keep reading »

  • Neither Cure nor Prevention, but Sheer Punishment

    The IHRA’s Definition of Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism is a grave matter; its mere utterance conjures unspeakable horrors – atrocities typically tied to the Holocaust, but also to the longstanding racist persecution of Jews in Europe. Widely known in Western culture, invoked with immeasurable awe, whether in common parlance or academic discourse, anti-Semitism has become a household word … Keep reading »

  • Canada, Palestine and the ‘Deal of the Century’: Four Statements

    Reject Trump’s Plan: Exist, Resist, Return Canada Palestine Association The Trump Administration has just unveiled the details of its “Deal Of The Century.” This plan includes, but is not limited to: Giving legitimacy to illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. Annexing parts of the West Bank (including the Jordan Valley). Granting Palestinians a “state” made up of non-contiguous … Keep reading »

  • The Vilification of Jeremy Corbyn

    The vilification of the leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, as an antisemite has intensified in the run up to the December 12 election in Britain. What makes this especially troubling, not to say bizarre, is that since he first became a member of parliament in 1983 Corbyn has been the most consistent … Keep reading »

  • The Red Scare and the Death of Stalin

    An excerpt from Holocaust to Resistance: My Journey by Suzanne Berliner Weiss (pp. 45-47). Weiss’s book, released this month by Fernwood Publishers, tells of her eight decades of engagement with the movement for social justice. Her book launch will take place Friday, October 18, at 7 p.m., at Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave. (St. George … Keep reading »

  • The Use and Abuse of Identity in Public Life

    The question of identity has become urgent for activism in the West though the issue has been important in many other parts of the world as well. Political identities form in opposition to oppression (or, reactively, as perceived victimization) and demand recognition, rights, and equity (or aggressively promote their denial). They also divide, become separated … Watch video »

  • “Justice Dies in the Darkness”: The ‘External Review’ of the Hassan Diab Case

    When former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould declined Hassan Diab’s request for an independent and transparent public inquiry into his wrongful and harrowing extradition to France, he, along with his lawyer, and countless others, feared that justice would not be served. Hassan Diab – the Alfred Dreyfus of the 21st century, who, thanks to the collaborative work … Keep reading »

  • Greece: 39 Months at City Plaza for Refugees Ends

    On July 10th, 2019, the keys of squatted City Plaza, Athens, Greece, were handed back to the former employees of the hotel. All refugees living at City Plaza have been moved to safe housing within the city. Keep reading »

  • Canada Joins Campaign to Stifle Criticism of Israel

    Canada becomes the next major player in the international drive to weaponize false allegations of antisemitism to protect Israel, writes John Clarke. Keep reading »

  • Unlocked: Extended interview w/ Adolph Reed Jr.

    Previously only available to our Patreon-supporters, we’ve decided to make the extended segment of the Oats interview with Adolph Reed accessible to everyone. Listen to audio »

  • Muslims Under Attack: Solidarity or ‘Left Secularism’

    Western governments and the xenophobic far right are engaged in a veritable war on Muslims. One way in which this attack unfolds is an ongoing effort to force Muslims to embrace dominant ‘values’ and change their forms of dress or abandon religious observances. Keep reading »