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  • Viral Ideas of the Pandemic Moment

    “The meanings that COVID-19 takes on in different contexts is a result of the different ways it is being mediated – public health officials, news media, Hollywood, and the new spaces of social media. These representations are not neutral. All have consequences for what it means to live in the time of COVID-19. They influence … Watch video »

  • Pandemic Worsens, Resistance Will Follow

    World leaders like Trump and Johnson trying to get back to business as usual while the virus continues to spread are deliberately sacrificing public health. Keep reading »

  • Trump, Johnson, and Bolsonaro in the Swamp

    How is the Pandemic Going for You? The spectacular failures of Brazil, the UK, and the USA during the COVID-19 pandemic offer valuable lessons on what must never happen again: the wishing away of the virus, minimising the potential impact of a pandemic on public health and the economy, delaying inevitable lockdowns, the list goes on. … Keep reading »

  • The Fortress World: After the Pandemic, Which Future?

    We were already on the way to variations of Fortress World before COVID-19: right-wing, authoritarian/fascist regimes have been able to capture political power riding on the immiseration, anxieties, and frustration resulting from global capitalism and corporate globalization, while progressive political-societal forces have been unable to unite resistance and create spaces for alternative systems to flourish. … Keep reading »

  • Challenges and Openings for the Free Transit Movement in Toronto

    Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a population of 2.7 million (and over 6 million in the Greater Toronto Area). Its public transit system is the third largest in North America, after New York City and Mexico City. It is made up of four subway lines, 11 streetcar routes; and over 140 bus routes. The … Keep reading »

  • The Naked City

    Traversing Toronto in Pandemic Times. Inspired by Stefan Kipfer’s daily walks and bicycle trips in the emptying streets of Toronto, trying to understand the dangers and possibilities of the current situation, one needs to attend to the manifold tensions of everyday life. Keep reading »

  • A Year for Fare-Free Transit

    When I made the case last year for fare-free public transit in Ottawa, it seemed like a longshot. What a difference a year can make. Since then, we’ve seen mass-organized fare evasions, fare-free campaigns launched in major cities, and, last April, Victoria’s city council even passed a motion to make municipal transit free (although the … Keep reading »

  • Public Transit, Fares and Policing in Toronto: Riders Groups Respond

    Oppose the Return to Fare Enforcement on the TTC Free Transit Toronto In Toronto, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) has long made the link between transit fare enforcement and racism. TTCriders also connect transit advocacy and anti-racism, emphasizing that transit underfunding and transit enforcement has especially negative consequences for Black people. They reiterate their longstanding demand … Keep reading »

  • Ontario Bill 175 Should Be Scrapped

    Ford’s New Home Care Bill Will Compound the Pandemic Disaster Bill 175 is the new home care law of the Conservative Doug Ford government. It proposes to gut existing home and community care legislation, dismantles public oversight and parcels out currently public home care functions to an array of providers including for-profit companies. Excerpts from The … Keep reading »

  • Health Workers: From Praise to Protection

    Crises sometimes bring out the best in society, and sometimes – or even at the same time – they clarify what is so darkly wrong within. In the particular case of the commitments and risks taken by the front-line workers that we apparently value so deeply now, the contrast lies in how little they were … Keep reading »

  • The Pandemic and the Need for a New Society

    During the on-going pandemic, humanity’s suffering has increased enormously. To date, June 13, 2020, 7.78 million people in the world have contracted the coronavirus, and 429,000 have died. In the richest and most powerful country in the world, more than 2.12 million cases have been reported, with 116,929 deaths. The adverse effects of the pandemic … Keep reading »

  • Breaking Point in Long-Term Care in Ontario

    Violence, the Pandemic, and Healthcare Workers The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged Ontario’s long-term-care homes. The majority of the province’s pandemic deaths have occurred in these institutions, where conditions became so dire the province was forced to call on the Canadian Armed Forces for desperately needed help. Those soldiers, in turn, observed conditions so appalling that a … Keep reading »