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  • Make UK Public Transport Free

    It’s time for radical proposals to rebuild Britain’s social fabric and combat the climate crisis. Here’s one: make public transport free. Keep reading »

  • Public Transport Can Be Free

    Free public transport is not a pipe dream. It exists in over 100 cities across the world – and has transformative impacts. Keep reading »

  • Transit as a Human Right w/Judith Dellheim

    In this episode, we sit down with Judith Dellheim, an author, activist, and consultant at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Judith argues that public transit is a fundamental human right and an essential tool in pushing forward a progressive political agenda. Listen to audio »

  • Rethinking Ottawa’s Transit System

    A bold proposal for free transit in a city designed for cars. Why should anyone living in Ottawa have to pay a fare to use transit? Keep reading »

  • Free Transit in Ottawa

    Fighting Against Climate Change and for Social Justice Ottawa’s public transit system has many shortcomings. Too often buses are congested and/or infrequent. Few stops have shelters and many users face lengthy trips to get where they want to go. ParaTranspo is often inaccessible to those most in need. And the system is expensive! OCTranspo’s (Ottawa-Carleton Transportation … Keep reading »

  • Moving Beyond Ford: The Transportation We Want

    In Toronto and beyond, campaigns are underway to confront the Ford government’s initiative to take the Toronto subway system from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in order to reorganize, further automobilize and possibly privatize transit and transportation across the Greater Toronto area (GTA). This and other Ford Government initiatives have put progressive transportation advocates as … Watch video »

  • The Subways Should Be Free

    A new plan to reduce fares for some low-income riders in New York City is a good start but we need to set our sights much higher. Keep reading »

  • Steps Forward in Free Access to Public Transport

    Thirty years of neoliberal domination, culminating in the economic crisis that began in 2008, have resulted in the introduction of charges for public service throughout Europe, particularly for education and health services. But this is not the case in all public services. In recent years there has been a renaissance of free public transport, particularly … Keep reading »

  • Transit Justice in the Inner Suburbs

    Transit in Toronto is in crisis. What are the key issues related to transit in the city, and the possibilities of mobilizing for change? Watch video »

  • Massively Expand Public Transport Now

    During the San Francisco Global Climate Action Summit, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) announced its support for a declaration to create zero-emissions cities by 2030. According to the ITF’s General Secretary Stephen Cotton, “The ITF and its affiliates are ready to support the declaration in real and tangible ways. We recognise that if we … Keep reading »

  • What’s Left, Toronto?

    Radical Alternatives for the City Election As the Doug Ford Conservatives unpack their agenda, towns and cities across Ontario are getting ready for the October municipal elections. In Toronto, much of the early public debate leading up to the elections has been narrow and dominated by the Tories’ Bill 5, which proposes to cut in half … Watch video »

  • Politicizing Public Transit in Toronto

    Analysis of public transit in Toronto. Is it too political, or not political enough? Keep reading »