• So Said Tony Hayward

    A music video featuring imagery dredged from the internet, based on a song I wrote in July 2010. It’s a tango about the BP oil spill and its disastrous impacts on the environment. Watch video »

  • Whatever It Takes: Protecting the Tar Sands, Protecting Capitalism

    Something is rotten in the province of Alberta! And it’s not just the tar sands. It’s the way political and corporate elites do whatever it takes to extinguish potential threats to the bituminous megaproject. The attempt to protect the tar sands from criticism can be framed as a part of a broader effort to protect … Keep reading »

  • From Water Wars to the Fight for Climate Justice

    Bolivia’s UN ambassador, Pablo Solón, gave this talk to the Shout Out for Global Justice, sponsored by the Council of Canadians and attended by nearly 3,000 people on June 25 in Toronto, during the ten days of protests against the G20 meeting. Other speakers included Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians and Indian eco-feminist … Keep reading »

  • Cochabamba Eyewitness: A Great Boost to Ecosocialism

    I attended the alternative Climate Conference in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba as part of an eight-person Quebec activist delegation. I came back convinced that we witnessed a turning point in the global Climate Justice movement. Up to now it has been very difficult to link environmental demands to social justice issues. The mainstream ecological … Keep reading »

  • Cochabamba: Climate Justice Has a New Program and New Hope for Victory

    On April 22, a mass international assembly in Cochabamba, Bolivia, adopted a charter for action to protect our planet from ecological devastation. Following the failed climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December, where Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to impose a toothless backroom deal, Bolivian President Evo Morales invited “the peoples of the world, social movements and … Keep reading »

  • Ecology Under Fire: Climate Change, Copenhagen and Prospects for Change

    Ottawa, December 3, 2009. With this workshop we tried to answer the following questions: What is at stake in Copenhagen? Can Capitalism and Environmental Sustainability Coexist? How will climate change alter our socio-economic and political landscapes? What needs to be done to stave off a climate crisis clusterbomb? Presentations by: Simon Dalby, Carleton University Matthew … Watch video »

  • How to Cure the Post-Copenhagen Hangover

    In Copenhagen, the world’s richest leaders continued their fiery fossil fuel party last Friday night, December 18, ignoring requests of global village neighbours to please chill out. Instead of halting the hedonism, U.S. President Barack Obama and the Euro elites cracked open the mansion door to add a few nouveau riche guests: South Africa’s Jacob … Keep reading »

  • Greed Wrecked Copenhagen

    Shambles in Copenhagen

    The United Nations conference to address climate change in Copenhagen over the last week has illustrated several crucial features about the contemporary political setting, as Obama completes a year in power in the United States, NATO plots a military surge into the war setting spanning Palestine to Afghanistan and an economic recovery staggers along. Keep reading »

  • Vigorous Activism Can Defeat the Denialists

    A lesson from Seattle for Copenhagen Preparations for the December 7-18 Copenhagen climate summit are going as expected, including a rare sighting of the African elites’ stiffened spines. That’s a great development (maybe decisive), more about that below. While activists help raise the temperature on the streets outside the Bella Centre on December 12, 13 and … Keep reading »

  • A Real Green Deal

    Thirty-five years ago, workers at the Lucas Aerospace company formulated an “alternative corporate plan” to convert military production to socially useful and environmentally desirable purposes. Hilary Wainwright and Andy Bowman consider what lessons it holds for the greening of the world economy today. There are moments when a radical idea quickly goes mainstream. A cause … Keep reading »

  • When the Climate Change Center Cannot Hold

    On a day that 350.org and thousands of allies are valiantly trying to raise global consciousness about impending catastrophe, we can ask some tough questions about what to do after people depart and the props are packed up. No matter today’s activism, global climate governance is grid-locked and it seems clear that no meaningful deal … Keep reading »

  • The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons

    Will shared resources always be misused and overused? Is community ownership of land, forests and fisheries a guaranteed road to ecological disaster? Is privatization the only way to protect the environment and end Third World poverty? Most economists and development planners will answer “yes” – and for proof they will point to the most influential … Keep reading »