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  • All Signs Point to Deepening Opposition to the Fossil Fuel Industry Assault in British Columbia

    The outcome of the May 14 election in British Columbia was a setback to progressive forces in the province and across Canada. The incumbent Liberal Party won a fourth straight term with 21.8 per cent support from eligible voters (44.4 per cent of those who voted). Its principal election plank was “full steam ahead” on … Keep reading »

  • Foundations for the Consolidation and Action of an Ecosocialist Network

    The following is my translation of the founding statement of principles of the Quebec-based Réseau écosocialiste, the Ecosocialist Network. The text, as amended by the founding meeting of the network, was published in the May 1 issue of the web journal Presse-toi à gauche. For a report on the founding meeting, see “Quebec ecosocialist network … Keep reading »

  • Change the System, Not the Climate

    To Reclaim Our Future, We Must Change the Present.Our Proposal for Changing the System and not the Climate Climate Space, World Social Forum 2013 The capitalist system has exploited and abused nature, pushing the planet to its limits, so much so that the system has accelerated dangerous and fundamental changes in the climate. Today, the severity and … Keep reading »

  • A Return to Marx’s Ecological Critique

    Do oil spills make good economic sense? A witness called by Canadian firm Enbridge Inc. – which wants approval to build a $6.5-billion pipeline linking Alberta’s tar sands with the Pacific coast – told a recent hearing in British Columbia (BC) that the answer is yes. He said oil spills could benefit the economy, giving … Keep reading »

  • Pipeline Politics: Can Popular Protest Stop the Tar Sands Leviathan?

    Petroleum giant Enbridge Inc. has taken huge strides in recent weeks to complete its plan to transport tar sands oil to eastern Canada and from there to foreign markets. Already assured of support from the Harper government, the company is rapidly lining up further backing from provincial politicians and industry players, including a key trade … Keep reading »

  • A Movement Against Tar Sands Oil, Pipelines and Tankers is on the Rise in Canada

    A popular movement against tar sands oil production and pipeline transport is on the rise and gathering steam in Canada. Its biggest expression to date was in Victoria, BC on October 22 when 4,000 to 5,000 people rallied in front of the British Columbia Legislature to send a forceful message to the tar sands industry … Keep reading »

  • La Via Campesina: Food Sovereignty and the Global Feminist Struggle

    Via Campesina is the world’s foremost international movement of small farmers. It promotes the right of all peoples to food sovereignty. Via Campesina was established in 1993 at the dawn of the anti-globalization movement, and gradually became one of the major organizations in the critique of neoliberal globalization. Its ascent is an expression of peasant … Keep reading »

  • The Fraser Institute’s Global Petroleum Survey

    Near the end of June 2012 the Fraser Institute released their latest survey of the oil and gas industry. They reported that 623 managers and executives from 529 oil and gas companies had ranked Manitoba and Saskatchewan near the top of 147 political jurisdictions as good places to invest. In contrast, New Brunswick and Quebec … Keep reading »

  • The RIO+20 U.N. Conference

    An Ecosocialist Assessment Representatives of governments from all the world will be present at the Rio+20 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, June 2012. What can we expect from this so-called “Earth Summit” from a social and ecological perspective? Nothing! Or, to be charitable, very little. This is not only due to the narrow-mindedness, greed, corruption, ignorance … Keep reading »

  • State and Market Climate Failures Amplified by Civil Society Failure

    After the Durban climate talks In 2007, former World Bank chief economist Nick Stern termed climate change the worst “market failure” in history – since those who pollute with greenhouse gases are not charged, and since they threaten future generations and vast swathes of natural life – and at that moment, even the 1991 ravings of … Keep reading »

  • Is the ‘Green Economy’ a New Washington Consensus?

    Working Group on Green Economy The current environmental and climate crisis is not simply a market failure because nature is not simply a form of capital. Putting a price on nature under the label of the ‘Green Economy’ is an attempt to expand the reach of finance capital and privatize our planet. Today we are facing … Keep reading »

  • Unravelling Carbon Markets

    Larry Lohmann is a scholar and activist who works with The Corner House, a UK-based NGO that supports democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice. As part of NLP’s series of pieces around this year’s Socialist Register – The Crisis and the Left – Lohmann spoke to Ed Lewis about his contribution to … Keep reading »