• Vigorous Activism Can Defeat the Denialists

    A lesson from Seattle for Copenhagen Preparations for the December 7-18 Copenhagen climate summit are going as expected, including a rare sighting of the African elites’ stiffened spines. That’s a great development (maybe decisive), more about that below. While activists help raise the temperature on the streets outside the Bella Centre on December 12, 13 and … Keep reading »

  • A Real Green Deal

    Thirty-five years ago, workers at the Lucas Aerospace company formulated an “alternative corporate plan” to convert military production to socially useful and environmentally desirable purposes. Hilary Wainwright and Andy Bowman consider what lessons it holds for the greening of the world economy today. There are moments when a radical idea quickly goes mainstream. A cause … Keep reading »

  • When the Climate Change Center Cannot Hold

    On a day that 350.org and thousands of allies are valiantly trying to raise global consciousness about impending catastrophe, we can ask some tough questions about what to do after people depart and the props are packed up. No matter today’s activism, global climate governance is grid-locked and it seems clear that no meaningful deal … Keep reading »

  • The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons

    Will shared resources always be misused and overused? Is community ownership of land, forests and fisheries a guaranteed road to ecological disaster? Is privatization the only way to protect the environment and end Third World poverty? Most economists and development planners will answer “yes” – and for proof they will point to the most influential … Keep reading »

  • Food Crisis II – Capitalism, Agribusiness, and the Food Sovereignty Alternative

    When food riots broke out in Haiti last month, the first country to respond was Venezuela. Within days, planes were on their way from Caracas, carrying 364 tons of badly needed food. The people of Haiti are “suffering from the attacks of the empire’s global capitalism,” Venezuelan president Hugo Chàvez said. “This calls for genuine … Keep reading »

  • Food Crisis I

    In Haiti, where most people get 22% fewer calories than the minimum needed for good health, some are staving off their hunger pangs by eating “mud biscuits” made by mixing clay and water with a bit of vegetable oil and salt.[1] Meanwhile, in Canada, the federal government is currently paying $225 for each pig killed … Keep reading »

  • The Ontario Mining Act, Political Prisoners and the Right to Say “NO”

    In February 2008, the leadership of the Ardoch Algonquins were sentenced for contempt because of their unwavering opposition to uranium exploration on their traditional territory in eastern Ontario. Bob Lovelace, a university professor from Queen’s University and an Ardoch spokesperson, was sentenced to six months detention and fined $25,000 (with further costs against himself and … Keep reading »

  • Farmers Seek Defenses Against the Giants of Agribusiness

    Around the world, farm income is plummeting, pushing farmers off the land and into destitution. At the very same time, soaring food prices are putting tens of millions onto starvation diets. Welcome to the bizarre world of capitalist agriculture, where the drive to boost profits of giant transnational corporations is imperiling the production of our … Keep reading »

  • After Bali: the Global Fight for Climate Justice

    Toronto — 4 March 2008. Moderated by Ian Angus. Presentation by: Patrick Bond is director of the Centre for Civil Society and professor of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. He is working with Climate Justice Now!, a coalition of organizations that represent Third World communities, indigenous peoples, women and … Watch video »

  • Montreal 2005 Climate Change Conference

    For persons in the Arctic watching permafrost and polar ice melt; in small island states watching the sea levels rise around them; in drought-filled regions watching another year’s crop fail; or in the path of yet another destructive hurricane watching their homes and livelihood get destroyed, the fact that climate change is happening is not … Keep reading »