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  • Social Democracy or Revolutionary Democracy: Syriza and Us

    All eyes on the Left are upon Greece. Not because of a general interest in the contradictions of capitalism in the midst of this particular crisis but because of Syriza. Unfortunately, what we are observing is not unique to Syriza. The story has been told before, and the story inevitably will occur again if we … Keep reading »

  • What Next in the Greek Crisis?

    If the ongoing standoff between the Syriza government and the Troika of the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) could be boiled down to its essentials, it would be this: The “institutions” will only equip the Greek economy with enough operating funds to manage a bare-bones operation. And they … Keep reading »

  • The Real Plan B: The New Greek Marathon

    In the face of being excluded from desperately needed funds and the threat of being kicked out of the European Union, the Greek parliament has now voted to accept the Troika memorandum. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras acknowledged – unlike social democrats choosing to implement neoliberalism as part of their ‘modernization‘ – that this … Keep reading »

  • The Denouement

    For many decades, the view was widespread on the left that there was a distinct European variety of capitalism which could be positively contrasted with the Anglo-American more ‘free market’ variety. The labour movements of northern Europe were usually seen as being the decisive force behind greater state economic involvement, more capitalist cooperation with unions, … Keep reading »

  • Treating Syriza Responsibly

    As against those on the international left so keen to put the boot in against the Syriza government with the charge that they had abjectly capitulated already with the plan passed in the Greek parliament, it is instructive to read this document from the German finance ministry. Syriza’s unique capacity on the international left to … Keep reading »

  • Requiem at an Empty Grave? Syriza’s Momentous Day

    Did those who are already raising Lenin from his tomb to render quick judgement on Syriza’s abject “world-historic defeat” (without saying much about what victory would look like or require) actually bother to read the rather similar plans that Syriza put forward before the referendum and that were consistently rejected by the EU and IMF … Keep reading »

  • The Class Logic Behind Austerity Policies In the Euro-Area

    Can SYRIZA Put Forward a Progressive Alternative? 1. The Nexus of Economic Crisis and Austerity 1.1 Austerity as a cost saving capitalist strategy After the outbreak of the 2008 global economic crisis, extreme austerity policies prevailed in many parts of the developed capitalist world, especially in the European Union (EU) and the Euro-area (EA). Austerity has been … Keep reading »

  • The Greek Crisis: Syriza vs Europe

    On January 26, Greeks elected Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left, to form government in their country that has been ravaged by a toxic mix of economic depression and mass unemployment. For six years Greece, along with other countries of the European periphery (Spain, Portugal, Ireland), has been subjected to painful austerity by European … Watch video »

  • SYRIZA’s Two Months in Government: Difficulties and Challenges

    The First Round of Negotiations Almost a month after the agreement of the 20th of February between the new Greek government, the European Institutions and the IMF, we need to know where we stand. “We” in this case is not the government. It is not even Syriza’s members and voters. “We” includes all those who understand … Keep reading »

  • Syriza’s Only Choice: A Radical Step Forward

    “One must know how to employ the kairos [right or opportune moment] of one’s forces at the right moment. It is easy to only lose a little, if one always keeps foremost in the mind the idea that unity is never the trick, but the game.” — Guy Debord, “Notes on poker.”   1. Introduction … Keep reading »

  • The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?

    On January 25 2015, Greece elected a new government representative of a range of radical and left forces after years of protests and street battles against the extreme policies of austerity imposed by the so-called Troika composed of the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Syriza represents the first and the … Watch video »

  • Another Europe With Syriza

    There is no doubt that the near majority obtained by Syriza in the elections last month represent a point-of-no-return for Europe. This is the result most feared by the rulers of several countries and, above all, by the financial powers that have undertaken an intense campaign of threats, based on the idea of an increasingly … Keep reading »