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  • New Democracy Against Democracy

    There’s only one country in the world where the decade long crisis of neoliberal global capitalism swept a radical left party into government: Greece. But in 2019, the capacity of its left to successfully confront the far right’s continuing political ascent will be severely tested. There was a very rapid passage from euphoria to disappointment … Keep reading »

  • The ‘SYRIZA Experience’: Lessons and Adaptations

    The impact of the strategic defeat of last year is still very strongly shaping various reactions within the Greek left. Some people seem content with superficial explanations of what happened and return to habitual ways of thinking and acting; others sense the strategic depth of the defeat and turn inward to disappointment and demoralization. Still … Keep reading »

  • A Moment of Catharsis

    One year after Syriza’s victory and six months after the coup One year after the victory and six months after the coup, we shouldn’t fool ourselves: This was a defeat, of the Greek government. But it’s not only Syriza that has failed (for now). The whole left has failed in Greece – and in the rest … Keep reading »

  • Austerity Unbroken

    Jannis Milios interviewed by Alp Kayserilioğlu Much coverage of the Greek debt crisis has focused on the ‘troika’ of international creditors and German chancellor Angela Merkel – a striking image of parasitic foreign powers scapegoating the country for personal gain. In some corners of the Left, this narrative has fueled the demand for ‘Grexit’ (a Greek … Keep reading »

  • Rekindling Hope: SYRIZA’s Challenges and Prospects

    Before turning to the main theme of this article it would be very useful to come to terms with at least the following preliminary observations: The left in government and especially the radical left in government has never been the subject of easy discussion among leftists. As the project of social transformation was never a … Keep reading »

  • The Realism of Audacity

    Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today In a certain way, I feel a certain unease since the entire Greek Left has some form of responsibility for the fact that Greece is not currently a laboratory of hope; rather it is a reason for despair. What I am going to say should be taken as a form of self-criticism … Keep reading »

  • The Politics of the Right and the Dilemmas of the Left

    The Preface to the 2016 Socialist Register, The Politics of the Right, includes the following paragraphs: “There is a great strategic importance in a sober analysis of the strength of new right today, and the impasse of the left emerges here as a central concern. In confronting almost everywhere different permutations of right wing populism … Keep reading »

  • SYRIZA’s Pyrrhic Victory, and the Future of the Left in Greece

    In the wake of the September 20 Greek election SYRIZA has once again formed a coalition government with a small right-wing party, ANEL.[1] Both parties lost votes and seats but their standing, like those of most other parties, was not very dissimilar to the results in January, when SYRIZA was first elected. SYRIZA’s 35.46% and … Keep reading »

  • Syriza Before and After the Elections: To Fight Another Day

    Michalis Spourdalakis interviewed by Pavlos Klavdianos Pavlos Klavdianos (PK): Will the elections bring about changes in the balance of power and on the political system? Michalis Spourdalakis (MS): The historical victory of the Left in January marked a change in the system of political representation which outlines a new dynamic for the political forces. However, the … Keep reading »

  • The Battle Against Austerity: Lessons From Greece

    Ottawa — 10 August 2015. Moderated by Susan Spronk. Presentations by: Leo Panitch is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University, Toronto Richard Fidler is life long socialist, activist and writer who blogs at “Life on the Left,” where he published “Greece: Was, and Is There, an Alternative?” Sponsored by Socialist Project … Watch video »

  • The Syriza Problem: Radical Democracy and Left Governmentality in Greece

    Although the history of the Left has produced an extraordinary theoretical legacy, which continues to be the nucleus of almost all radical thinking, it has nonetheless left a trail of extraordinary failures in practice. I understand the dialectical relation between theory and practice, of course, but we have to admit that in real historical terms … Keep reading »

  • Greek Youth Against Austerity

    Syriza Youth was founded in 2013, as the youth organization of the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) in Greece. This article first published on their website neolaiasyriza.gr (July 23). The agreement reached in the months of negotiation of the SYRIZA-ANEL Government on 13 July is, beyond doubt, a huge defeat for the forces of … Keep reading »