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  • What Do Mine Tailings Dam Disasters Teach Us?

    Brazilian mining activists invited Judith Marshall to participate in their November 5th commemorations of the anniversary of the tailings dam collapse at the Vale/BHP iron mine in Mariana, Brazil. Marshall was a founding member of the International Network of People Affected by Vale (AV) formed in 2010 while she worked in the Global Affairs Department … Keep reading »

  • Attawapiskat First Nation versus De Beers Diamond Mine

    Massive Garbage Dump in Fragile Wetlands Habitat? In May 2019, production at De Beer’s Victor diamond mine on the traditional territories of Attawapiskat First Nation came to an end. In all, more than 8 million carats of diamonds were taken from the giant open pit mine that generating billions in revenues for the mine’s owners. But … Keep reading »

  • Limits of Ontario’s Mineral Strategy: The Magino Mine Approval

    On June 11, 2020, 21 lakes, streams and wetlands in northern Ontario were re-characterized as a mine tailings impoundment for the proposed Magino gold mine. This magical transformation took place through Schedule 2 of the Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulation (MDMER) under the federal Fisheries Act. Although the Act says it is illegal to … Keep reading »

  • Extractivism and Exploitation in Peru

    Martin Vizcarra, Peru’s president, has announced that “[t]his government has taken up the challenge and has been working on the approval of a new regulation for mining procedures in order to streamline those procedures.” The regulation “aims to provide certainty for investors in order to boost private investment” and will satisfy the demands of mining … Keep reading »

  • Wall Street Can’t Fix the Environment – and Neither Can Bay Street

    On December 16, 2019, a few dozen members of Canada’s business, academic and government elite met in Toronto at the invitation of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). They were there to officially launch the Energy Future Forum (EFF), “a new pan-Canadian initiative to develop policy answers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the … Keep reading »

  • The Mining Industry and Ecological Transformation

    “The mining industry continues to be at the forefront of colonial dispossession around the world. It controls information about its intrinsic costs and benefits, propagates myths about its contribution to the economy, shapes government policy and regulation, and deals ruthlessly with its opponents. “Brimming with case studies, anecdotes, resources, and illustrations, Unearthing Justice exposes the … Keep reading »

  • Ontario’s Resource Revenue Sharing Agreements

    A Step Toward Reconciliation? Announced last spring, Ontario’s new resource revenue sharing (RRS) agreements with three northern First Nations councils are set to come into effect this fall. The agreements were marketed with lofty rhetoric. The government press release described them as “an historic step on Ontario’s journey of healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.” The … Keep reading »

  • The State of Mining Today

    Presentations by Judith Marshall, Matthew Corbeil and Joan Kuyek about the mining disasters at Mt. Polley, Canada and at Mariana, Brazil. Watch video »

  • Mining Conflicts Multiply: Extractivism Critics Gather in Johannesburg

    The World Social Forum’s “Thematic Forum on Mining and Extractivism” convened from November 12-15 here in Johannesburg, on the heels of the Southern Africa People’s Tribunal on Transnational Corporations. Hundreds of radical activists from community groups and social movements, grounded in concrete local grievances, met to agree on their systemic critique. This is the appropriate … Keep reading »

  • Tailings Dam Spills at Mount Polley and Mariana

    On August 4, 2014, the dam holding toxic waste from the Mount Polley copper and gold mine in British Columbia collapsed, creating the largest environmental disaster in Canada’s mining history. Keep reading »

  • Chevron, Corporations and the Law Versus Life and Lives

    The decision in Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corporation by the Ontario Court of Appeal denied justice owed to some 30,000 Ecuadorian people grievously harmed by profiteering oil companies. The story is an example of how the routine application of formality in law, accompanied by the pulverization of the dispute’s setting, is designed to benefit the truly … Keep reading »

  • We All Live in a Mediocracy

    A review of Alain Deneault’s book “Mediocracy: The Politics of the Extreme Centre.” Keep reading »