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  • Pro-Israel Lobby Alarmed by Growth of Boycott, Divestment Movement

    The movement to call Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people is growing. It is “invading the mainstream discourse, becoming part of the constant and unrelenting drumbeat against Israel.” It could eventually threaten the existence of the Jewish state by undermining the support it receives from its strongest backer, the U. S. … Keep reading »

  • Are Mexican Workers ‘stealing our jobs’? The Crisis in the Mexican Auto Sector

    When the last truck rolled off the assembly line at the General Motors (GM) plant in Oshawa, Ontario on May 14, some workers arrived at the “closure ceremony” wearing sombreros to protest the loss of 1,500 Canadian jobs and the announcement of the opening of new GM plants in Mexico. “It’s not right. They just … Keep reading »

  • Freedom of Expression and Palestine Advocacy

    Enormous resources have been marshaled by conservative and Zionist organizations in an attempt to silence criticism of the Canadian government’s unwavering support for Israel. The first few months of 2009 have seen a concerted campaign to shut down Palestine advocacy in Canada. Such examples include: cutting funding to the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) due to … Keep reading »

  • The Tamil Protests: Resistance in the Face of Genocide

    On Friday, 15 May 2009, the Sri Lankan army began a sea, air and tri-directional land assault on a single mile of island still believed to be held by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) and considered a “no-fire” zone. Over 80,000 civilians are unaccounted for and believed to be trapped in the sandy … Keep reading »

  • The Smearjob On the Durban World Conference Against Racism

    In 2001, the United Nations convened the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban, South Africa, to deal with a range of issues related to racism and its legacies, including the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the appropriation of the land and resources of the world’s indigenous peoples, and the human rights of the Palestinians. The government … Keep reading »

  • Jason Kenney’s Doublespeak Exposed

    Tories Unleash Canada Border Services on Migrants It is hard to write an article about Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s attacks on Canadian racialized communities. As soon as one draft is complete, Kenney is at it again, spinning new lies and venting hateful rhetoric. In a federal cabinet chock-a-block with unsavory characters, Kenney stands first in … Keep reading »

  • Two-State Pipe Dream Impedes Justice, Again

    Is Palestine enough of a state? This is what the International Criminal Court (ICC) must determine before it can consider charges of war crimes brought against Israel after its recent onslaught in Gaza. The scale of Israel’s 22-day military attack which claimed more than 1,300 lives, including hundreds of children, led to widespread accusations by … Keep reading »

  • The Israel Advocacy Push to “Reclaim” York University

    Putting Current Events in Context Toronto’s York University, the third-largest university in Canada, is a politically contradictory place. On the one hand, what can in broad terms be described as left or progressive currents are prominent – in many cases, predominant – in its social science departments. The academy being the academy, critical intellectual inquiry does … Keep reading »

  • Why We Should All Support Israeli Apartheid Week

    This is the fifth consecutive year of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Launched in Toronto, this week-long initiative hosts a string of lectures, film screenings, panels, demonstrations, cultural performances and other events across campuses and community centers around the world to inform the public about the continuing violations of one of the longest and devastating occupations … Keep reading »

  • Exposed: University of Toronto Suppresses Pro-Palestinian Activism

    The last few months have seen a global surge in support for the movement of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israeli Apartheid. Important solidarity actions have occurred across the globe, including: a wave of student occupations across the UK; union resolutions in Europe, New Zealand and Australia; and, most recently, the historic action of … Keep reading »

  • Watered-Down Resolution Stands on the Backs of the People of Gaza

    There is no safe place in Gaza. A statement by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reads: “This war is unique in the way that the civilians have no place to go and no place to hide.” On Saturday evening, one week after the launch of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s ground … Keep reading »

  • Israel’s Historical Mistake

    No matter how the current war plays out, it is certain that Israel has made a big historical mistake in entering Gaza. On Saturday night, one week after the start of Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli ground operation began. Israeli Forces began deploying combat units to surround Hamas’ main power base, … Keep reading »