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  • Reinventing the World Social Forum?

    The World Social Forum (WSF) met for the first time in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. This was an event of extraordinary importance. It signaled an alternative form of globalization to the globalization being promoted by global capitalism, at a time when capitalism was increasingly assuming it is most exclusive and antisocial version: neoliberalism. This … Keep reading »

  • Another World Is Possible

    A Critical Week for the World Social Forum

    It all began right here in Porto Alegre in 2001 when this city in the south of Brazil became a major site of popular mobilization. Influenced by the Workers’ Party (PT), unions were, along with popular movements, at the forefront of a proactive political effort that included the support of the left within the Catholic … Keep reading »

  • Thousands to Meet in Montreal for World Social Forum

    Thousands of people from over 95 countries are expected to gather in Montreal on August 9-14 for a social movement summit called the World Social Forum (WSF). Participants will spend a week attending a great variety of workshops, lectures and cultural events – more than 1200 in total. Famed author Naomi Klein will be giving … Keep reading »

  • Peoples Social Forum

    Roger Rashi, Coordinator of the PSF and Dylan Penner discuss the plans for the forum including plans for marches, opportunities for groups to propose workshops, and plans for convergence assemblies to address common goals and strategies. For more information, visit the peoplessocialforum.org website. Ottawa — 23 June 2014.

  • Alter Summit: A People’s Manifesto

    Our urgent common priorities for a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe. Roll Back Austerity and Claim Real Democracy! Europe stands on the edge of a precipice, looking into the abyss. Austerity policies drive the people of Europe into poverty, undercut democracy and dismantle social policies. Rising inequalities endanger social cohesion. Ecological destruction is worsening … Keep reading »

  • Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

    World Social Forum 2013, Tunisia As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Tunisia, 2013, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization. We affirm that decolonization for oppressed peoples remains for us, the social … Keep reading »

  • Change the System, Not the Climate

    To Reclaim Our Future, We Must Change the Present.Our Proposal for Changing the System and not the Climate Climate Space, World Social Forum 2013 The capitalist system has exploited and abused nature, pushing the planet to its limits, so much so that the system has accelerated dangerous and fundamental changes in the climate. Today, the severity and … Keep reading »

  • From the World Social Forum to the Arab Revolts

    Tunisia, cradle of the revolts in the Arab world, hosts from today [26 March] and until Saturday the World Social Forum (WSF), the most important international meeting of social movements and organizations. And this is not by chance. The promoters of the WSF chose this country in reference to the ‘Arab Spring.’ The latter has … Keep reading »

  • Is the World Social Forum of Use for Popular Struggles?

    Are the Social Forum Formulas Adequate to that Effect? 1. The undeniable success of the World Social Forums (and of the national and regional forums), from their first edition (Porto Allegre 2001) to their seventh (Nairobi 2007) shows that the formula met a real objective need, felt by many militants and movements engaged in their struggles … Keep reading »

  • Joining Forces for Another Europe

    In Europe we are living in particularly dramatic times. Democracy is in death-agony and we are witnessing post-democratic processes taking over at the national and supranational level. EU leaders have further concentrated decision-making power on public and fiscal policies in the hands of an oligarchy of governments, technocrats and the European Central Bank (ECB), which … Keep reading »

  • Audacity, More Audacity

    The historical circumstances created by the implosion of contemporary capitalism requires the radical left, in the North as well as the South, to be bold in formulating its political alternative to the existing system. The purpose of this paper is to show why audacity is required and what it means. Why Audacity? 1. Contemporary capitalism is … Keep reading »

  • The World Social Forum and the Battle for COP17

    In a world plunged ever deeper into an uncivilized global capitalist condition, the World Social Forum (WSF) is a crucial beacon of hope. At its recent gathering in Dakar, Senegal the news of the unfolding democratic revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt electrified the spirit of optimism pervading the multiple axes of deliberation. The geometry of … Keep reading »