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  • Cacouna, Couillard and the Ties that Bind

    Quebec Government’s Love Affair with Big Oil It’s an evening like any other. The first item on the Téléjournal is about the controversial Cacouna oil port project. The journalist speaks to citizens in favour of and opposed to the project. Then the spokesperson for TransCanada, the project’s sponsor, appears onscreen. His talking points aren’t particularly noteworthy, … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Election: A Seismic Shift Within the Independence Movement?

    The defeat of the Parti Québécois (PQ) and the election of a federalist Liberal party government in the Quebec general election of April 7 raises important questions about the future of the Quebec movement for sovereignty and political independence. And it poses some major challenges to the left party Québec Solidaire (QS), as it seeks … Keep reading »

  • Amir Khadir: Quebec and Quebec Solidaire

    Toronto — 18 March 2013. Linking Sovereignty, Equality and anti-Neoliberalism Amir Khadir – Member of the Quebec National Assembly (Mercier) and former co-leader of Québec Solidaire. The Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture is held annually to honour the memory of Phyllis Clarke, a member of the Ryerson University faculty from 1977 until her death in 1988. The … Watch video »

  • Campus Fightbacks in the Age of Austerity

    Learning from Quebec Students The 2012 Quebec student strikes delivered one of the few victories we have seen in anti-austerity struggles in the Canadian state. The mobilization, which at its high point saw over 300,000 students on limited or unlimited strike, and demonstrations of hundreds of thousands, was a crucial highpoint that has a great deal … Keep reading »

  • Just the Beginning: Beyond the Quebec Student Strike

    While it is difficult to predict the lasting consequences of the 2012 student strike in Québec, a few things are certain. The strike has fostered a climate of dissent and a respect for direct democracy and direct action for a whole generation. The effectiveness and appeal of combative syndicalist organizing is not likely to fade … Keep reading »

  • Major Victory for Quebec Students, Environmental Activists

    Their demonstrations have shaken Quebec in recent months, and yesterday [September 20th] students and environmentalists won major victories. At her first news conference as premier, Pauline Marois announced that her Parti Québécois government had cancelled the university tuition fees increase imposed by the Charest Liberal government, and would repeal the repressive provisions of Law 12 … Keep reading »

  • Quebec’s Election — An Initial Balance Sheet

    The results of the September 4 general election in Quebec produce mixed reactions among supporters of all the major parties. The pro-sovereignty Parti Québécois becomes the government, and PQ leader Pauline Marois the first woman premier, but with only a minority of seats (54) in the 125-seat National Assembly and thus vulnerable to parliamentary defeat … Keep reading »

  • Lessons From Quebec

    Student Activists from Quebec visit Ryerson Student Centre Students in Quebec have been on strike for six months, refusing to return to classes until the Charest government reverses its plan to hike tuition fees by 75%. With a quarter of a million people marching in the streets of Montreal for three months in a row, a … Watch video »

  • The Threat of Quebec’s Good Example

    The extraordinary student mobilization in Quebec has already sustained the longest and largest student strike in the history of North America, and it has already organized the single biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. It is now rapidly growing into one of the most powerful and inventive anti-austerity campaigns anywhere in the world. … Keep reading »

  • Government Repression of Quebec Student Movement Sparks Massive Protests

    Quebec’s student movement and the swelling ranks of its popular allies staged a massive rally and march in Montreal on May 22 in favour of the students’ fight for free, quality public education and against government repression. Estimates by some mainstream news outlets and by independent observers place the number of participants as high as … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Students Mobilize Against Draconian Law Aimed at Breaking Four-Month Strike

    The strike of post-secondary students in Quebec has taken a dramatic turn with the provincial government rushing adoption of a special law on May 18 to suspend the school year at strike-bound institutions until August and outlaw protest activity deemed disruptive of institutions not participating in the strike. Details of Bill 78 were unveiled the … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Government Bludgeons Student Strikers With Emergency Law

    But the Struggle Continues Quebec premier Jean Charest announced May 16 that he will introduce emergency legislation to end the militant student strike, now in its 14th week, that has shut down college and university campuses across the province. The students are protesting the Liberal government’s 75 per cent increase in university tuition fees, now slated … Keep reading »