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  • Opportunities for the Montreal Urban Left

    Opportunities exist for an organized urban left one year into the Projet Montréal administration’s mandate. That was the key message of a recent event organized by the Montreal Urban Left, an initiative launched in the wake of the 2017 Montreal election. “We saw the need to provide some sort of organized left counterweight committed to … Keep reading »

  • Coalition Catalogne

    National Struggle and Class Struggle: Complementary or Contradictory?

    The political situation in Quebec and internationally, with the escalation of the Catalan national struggle, impels us to deepen our thinking on these issues. What role can Quebec’s national liberation struggle play in class terms, in the context of the fight for emancipation of the peoples in the Canadian state? Keep reading »

  • Quebec Independence – A Key to Building the Left in Canada

    The 2017 edition of the Université populaire (the People’s University), meeting in Montréal August 17-19, included a panel of speakers from Quebec and English Canada on the possibilities for building a convergence of left forces in both nations. It was chaired and introduced by Andrea Levy, a Montréal-based editor of Canadian Dimension, and included André … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Sovereigntists Debate Fallout from Québec Solidaire’s Decisions on Alliances

    As I explained in my previous report on the Québec solidaire (QS) congress, it was disclosed after the congress that the QS central leadership had disavowed the signatures by its representatives on a proposed “road map” to independence drafted in April by the coalition OUI Québec, which includes all the pro-independence parties including QS. That … Keep reading »

  • A Terrorist Attack on Muslims in Quebec

    On Sunday night, a young, white, French-speaking, Quebec-born man opened fire inside of a Quebec City mosque, killing six Muslim worshipers – Azzeddine Soufiane, Abdelkrim (Karim) Hassane, Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry – and injuring 25. The six victims were first-generation immigrants who had lived in Quebec for years, some … Keep reading »

  • What Did Quebec Public-Sector Unions Achieve?

    After a wave of protests and job actions that culminated in Quebec’s largest general strike in decades last December, public-sector unions have agreed to a series of contracts with disappointing concessions that raise questions about where the struggle in Quebec will go next. [Ed.: see “Quebec Unions Debate a Settlement.”] On December 9, more than … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Unions Debate a Settlement

    Quebec public-sector unions organized in the Common Front reached a tentative agreement with the government of Premier Philippe Couillard right before the holidays on December 17. The agreement followed an explosive fall filled with rotating regional public-sector strikes and anti-austerity protests that culminated in the largest general strike in Quebec’s history, when more than 400,000 … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Left Debates Perspectives in Canada’s Federal Election

    Canada’s current federal election campaign is now at the half-way point in the lead-up to October 19. The three major parties are polling almost equally, with the ruling Conservative vote dropping steadily while the opposition New Democrats (NDP) and Liberals are virtually tied overall at just over 30 per cent. This means the NDP has … Keep reading »

  • The ‘Longue durée’ of the Québec Spring

    As has been the case for several years, great mobilizations take place around the globe. We notice them when they are covered by mainstream media; although the coverage only occurs when these mobilizations reach their apex. Generally speaking, we fairly quickly jump to some other concerns, as if the Tahir square protests, the Madrid Indignados, … Keep reading »

  • Cacouna, Couillard and the Ties that Bind

    Quebec Government’s Love Affair with Big Oil It’s an evening like any other. The first item on the Téléjournal is about the controversial Cacouna oil port project. The journalist speaks to citizens in favour of and opposed to the project. Then the spokesperson for TransCanada, the project’s sponsor, appears onscreen. His talking points aren’t particularly noteworthy, … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Election: A Seismic Shift Within the Independence Movement?

    The defeat of the Parti Québécois (PQ) and the election of a federalist Liberal party government in the Quebec general election of April 7 raises important questions about the future of the Quebec movement for sovereignty and political independence. And it poses some major challenges to the left party Québec Solidaire (QS), as it seeks … Keep reading »

  • Amir Khadir: Quebec and Quebec Solidaire

    Toronto — 18 March 2013. Linking Sovereignty, Equality and anti-Neoliberalism Amir Khadir – Member of the Quebec National Assembly (Mercier) and former co-leader of Québec Solidaire. The Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture is held annually to honour the memory of Phyllis Clarke, a member of the Ryerson University faculty from 1977 until her death in 1988. The … Watch video »