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  • Global Strike for Climate Justice /Toronto

    Video from the #GlobalStrike for #ClimateJustice in #Toronto We can no longer continue with business as usual. #ClimateStrikeToronto #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture Watch video »

  • Open Letter: We’re Stepping Up

    Join Us for a Day to Halt This Climate Crisis Naomi Klein, Bill McGKibben, and others On 20 September [through to September 27], at the request of the young people who have been staging school strikes around the world, we’re walking out of our workplaces and homes to spend the day demanding action on the climate crisis, … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Unions and the Student-Led Global Climate Strike

    A week of student-led global strike actions to address the climate change crisis, under the banner FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike, was kicked off this past Friday with actions across the world. This Friday September 27 students, First Nations, workers and allies will be mobilizing across Canada in the tens of thousands. Canadian Labour Congress Stands in Solidarity … Keep reading »

  • The Politics of Ecosocialism

    Interview with Ian Angus about the pressing need to develop the politics of ecosocialism in the world today. Keep reading »

  • German Unions and the Climate Crisis

    German trade unions have realized that the green transition needs to happen – and they’re fighting to make sure it’s bosses, not workers, who pay for climate justice. Keep reading »

  • Climate Emergency Manifesto

    Climate action is our number one priority in European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL). We do not see it as a stand-alone struggle; it includes struggles for decent jobs, high living standards and gender and racial equality. Keep reading »

  • Student Strikes for Climate Justice

    Since 2018, Swedish students have been striking in front of the Parliament in Stockholm every Friday, prompted initially by high school student Greta Thunberg. #FridaysfortheFuture Keep reading »