Category: Social Movements

  • Quebec Left Debates Independence Strategy

    LAVAL — Québec solidaire, the left-wing party founded almost four years ago, held its fifth convention in this Montréal suburb on November 20-22. About 300 elected delegates debated and adopted resolutions on the Quebec national question, electoral reform, immigration policy and secularism. The convention clarified the party’s position on some important questions at the heart … Keep reading »

  • The World Social Forum, A Sustainable Model?

    After a period of remarkable expansion, the process of the World Social Forum (WSF) has stalled. The balance sheet of the most recent big assemblies turns out to be very contrasting – we can say, simplifying a lot, politically negative in the case of Nairobi (Kenya) in 2007 and positive in the case of Belem … Keep reading »

  • Zionist Claims of Solidarity with the Iranian Protesters are Absurd

    On October 27, the Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) held a conference titled “Democracy in Action: The Protests in Iran” in Ottawa. The purpose, according to the CIC website, was to “mobilize political action against the human rights abuses of the Iranian regime and its nuclear agenda.” To meet this goal the conference showcased a lineup of … Keep reading »

  • Organizing Working Class Communities

    Toronto, October 2, 2009 – Steve Williams is co-director of the California based group POWER: People Organized to win Employment Rights, which since the late 1990s has been one of the most important Workers Action Centres in the U.S., and co-authour of the book Towards Land, Work and Power: Charting a Path of Resistance to … Watch video »

  • Anti-Privatization Protests in Serbia

    Interview with Milenko Sreckovic,prepared by the Global Balkans Network The IMF recently concluded a one-week mission to Serbia, during which it extended the second-tranche of a EUR 4.3-billion loan package to Serbia. However, it gave the government until late October to reign in public sector spending as a condition for disbursing the third-tranche of the agreement … Keep reading »

  • VSF Statement of Purpose

    Vancouver Socialist ForumPublishes Statement of Purpose Vancouver Socialist Forum was formed in 2007 by political activists from a variety of political backgrounds, to organize educational events on social justice issues and socialist theory and practice. VSF adopted the following statement of purpose on May 29, 2009. Statement of Purpose,Vancouver Socialist Forum Vancouver Socialist Forum was founded … Keep reading »

  • Protests in Iran: Not Just About Stolen Votes

    Since the June 12 elections declaring incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner, large scale violence not seen for a decade has erupted in cities throughout Iran. Running against former Prime Minister and opposition candidate Mir Hussein Musavi, news of Ahmadinejad’s election victory from the Interior Ministry came less than an hour of the closing of … Keep reading »

  • Economic Crisis and Food Sovereignty

    Toronto, June 5, 2009. Around the world, hunger is growing, while millions of working farmers face ruin. Even in Canada, unsound and dangerous corporate practices menace our food supply. The worldwide movement for food sovereignty aims to ensure peoples’ capacity to shape their own food production systems, free from control by agribusiness giants. This is … Watch video »

  • Against All Odds: Revolution in Nepal Moving Forward

    Right now, communists are on the verge of what could potentially be the first successful revolution in over a generation. They’re internationalists, who boldly proclaim that either we all get to communism, or none of us do. Yet, there has been a lack of discussion and popularization of this movement, not to mention a frustrating … Keep reading »

  • For Free Expression on Palestine

    On April 15, 2009, a number of organizations launched a campaign in Toronto to demand the right to free expression on the Israel/Palestine conflict with an event on the University of Toronto (U of T) campus. Some 100-150 people attended. Speakers addressed several recent cases of suppression of free expression on the issue of Israel/Palestine. … Keep reading »

  • United Europe Represses the Right to Protest Against NATO

    On April 4th the leaders of the NATO member countries met on the French-German border in Strasbourg France for the 60th anniversary of NATO. At this meeting the U.S. was to propose an escalation of the war in Afghanistan and ask for greater troop commitment from NATO countries. A major demonstration was organized to oppose … Keep reading »

  • Another Left is Possible

    The New Anti-Capitalist Party It would be wrong to see last Thursday’s massively successful protest actions in France as distant and exotic, of no particular relevance to us here in Canada. With the economic meltdown heralding a new political era, and with most of the country’s Left and social movements still stunned and disoriented following their … Keep reading »