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  • City Under Siege: The University of Toronto Joins the G20 Security Ring

    On Friday afternoon, right before the May 24th holiday weekend, Cheryl Misak, Provost of the University of Toronto quietly released a memo to departmental administrators. The memo, entitled “G20 Summit: Restricted Access on St. George Campus,” describes a “series of restricted access measures” for the University’s main campus. These include rescheduling summer exams, moving students … Keep reading »

  • Toronto’s Communities Prepare for the G8 and G20 Summits

    The leaders of the G20 countries, as well as their central bank governors, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the European Union (EU) will be in Toronto on June 26-27, 2010. Nearly 20,000 delegates, 15,000 armed police and 5,000 media personnel will descend on Toronto to make it a very hot June weekend … Keep reading »

  • Report-back from Cochabamba

    Toronto, May 7, 2010. Part 1: with delegates to the Cochabamba climate conference: performance by Red Slam collective Kimia Ghomeshi, Campaign Director, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (transcript) Ben Powless, Mohawk from Six Nations in Ontario, member of the Indigenous Environmental Network   View part 2 on YouTube website   Part 2: Danny Beaton: 2010 recipient … Watch video »

  • Call for Margaret Atwood to Join Cultural Boycott of Israel

    The Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott Initiative (PACBI) has issued a statement encouraging Margaret Atwood not to accept the Dan David prize, which is based at Tel Aviv University (TAU). The PACBI statement is reproduced below. At the same time, the Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) issued an open letter … Keep reading »

  • Selling South Africa: Poverty, Politics and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

    Why is it that governments can find billions of dollars for global sporting events and little to deal with the grinding poverty that affects impoverished populations? Canada applauded itself for the $135-million in aid and disaster relief it sent to an earthquake ravaged Haiti while spending nearly $6-billion on the two-week long Vancouver Olympics. A … Keep reading »

  • A View From Toronto – A Hub of ‘Israel Delegitimization’

    As a Palestinian refugee, the city of Toronto has always been a place of exile to me. I usually think of it as a large (rather cold) waiting room on my way back to Haifa where my grandparents were born. However, following the publication of a recent report by the prominent Israeli think-tank, the Reut … Keep reading »

  • People’s Summit Against War and Militarism to be Held in Montreal

    The Montréal-based antiwar collective Échec à la guerre (which translates roughly as “Stop war”) is organizing a People’s Summit Against War and Militarism to be held March 19-21 in that city. Featuring workshops and panels as well as a plenary session that will issue a Joint Declaration, the People’s Summit promises to be an important … Keep reading »

  • Carleton’s War Portfolio: Students Demand Divestment from Apartheid

    General Dynamics. Shell. Apache Corporation. Philip Morris. Pfizer. These are weapons manufacturers, oil companies, mining corporations, tobacco companies, and pharmaceutical giants. Notorious war profiteers, environmental destroyers, and human rights violators. Morally and ethically, these are not the types of firms with which one would expect Ottawa’s Carleton University to have any sort of affiliation. And … Keep reading »

  • Turkey: The Working Class (Literally) Takes the Stage

    After at least a decade and a half of stagnation, the working-class movement of Turkey is making a great stride forward, thanks to the militant action of the workers of a now privatised former state economic enterprise, Tekel, the state monopoly of tobacco and alcoholic beverages. The resolute and tenacious fight put up by the … Keep reading »

  • Vancouver Olympics protest

    Vancouver Winter Olympics: A Festival of Corporate Greed

    On February 12, the corporate sporting behemoth known as the 21st Winter Olympic Games will open to great fanfare in Vancouver. In a time of economic hardship and government cuts to social programs across Canada, huge sums of public money have been spent to stage this uber spectacle. Billions of dollars have been spent constructing … Keep reading »

  • Notes on Recent Developments in the European Radical Left

    The recent elections in Germany and Portugal have confirmed the emergence of a new radical Left in a number of countries across Europe. In Germany, Die Linke won 11.9 per cent of the vote and 76 seats in the Bundestag. In Portugal, the Left Bloc received 9.86 per cent of the vote and doubled its … Keep reading »

  • Québec solidaire: A Left-of-the-Left Formation?

    The first decade of the 21st century has seen the rise of new ‘left of the left’ formations in several Western countries. The best known cases are the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) in France and Die Linke (The Left) in Germany. These new parties share some common traits: they are based on an explicit rejection … Keep reading »