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  • The Strategic Question Revisited: Ten Theses

    In 2006 Daniel Bensaïd made a very important call to reopen the debate on the ‘politico-strategic’ question. This call was made amidst a series of discussions within the European anticapitalist Left at a moment when signs of hope, such as the new wave of militancy associated with the anti-globalization movement, were combined with strategic contradictions, … Keep reading »

  • A Populist Moment? Learning from Corbyn, Sanders, Mélenchon and Iglesias in Germany

    Mario Candeias analyses how to connect the different forces, and how can populist momentum carry forward a popular project? Keep reading »

  • Hard Question, No Answers

    I knew it would be coming: an essay in The Bullet trumpeting the “breakthrough” of Québec Solidaire (QS) in the recent Québec election. I agree: it was a breakthrough. QS increased its seat totals from 3 to 10, and won 16 per cent of the popular vote (over 600,000 votes). Unfortunately, their right-wing rivals, the … Keep reading »

  • A Manifesto for Socialist Development in the 21st Century

    In early 2017, it was revealed that eight men owned as much wealth as half the world’s population (Oxfam 2017). This is in a world where, according to the most conservative figures, around one in three workers live in poverty. More realistic calculations show that the majority of the world’s population suffers from poverty of … Keep reading »

  • Revolutionary Optimism: Journeys in Radical Politics Past and Present

    On the Reality Asserts Itself program of The RealNews network, Prof. Leo Panitch is interviewed by host Paul Jay. This is a four-part interview – recorded in March 2018. Watch video »

  • Leo Panitch – Socialism and Intellectuals

    This was Session VII of the “Dissenting Traditions” conference to Address the Intellectual and Political Interests of Canada Research Chair, Bryan D. Palmer at Trent University, 23-24 October 2015. Moderated by Linda Kealey. Presentation by: Leo Panitch (York Univ): “Socialism and Intellectuals in Historical Perspective: The Canadian Example” This conference was funded and supported by … Watch video »

  • From Greece to Portugal to Corbyn’s Labour Party

    Openings and Closures on the European Left Toronto — 1 November 2015. After decades of uninterrupted neoliberal austerity across Europe, in recent years a new left alternative has begun to take shape. Whereas generations had turned to Latin America and other parts of the global capitalist periphery for signs of hope for a viable socialist alternative, … Watch video »

  • What is Political Party for the Left?

    Halifax — 21 January 2015. A panel discussion about the role of political parties within the Left and what it means today for the Left to take political action. Moderated by Andony Melathopoulos. Presentations by: Leo Panitch, teaches Political Science at York University, is the author of Renewing Socialism, co-editor of the Socialist Register and … Watch video »

  • Capitalist Life-Crises and The North American Left: Problems and Prospects

    The struggles across the Middle East and North Africa and on-going resistance to austerity in Europe catalysed a fightback in North America – the Occupy Movement – that no one saw coming. Together, all testify to the pervasive and deepening crisis of capitalism, not just as an economic system, but as a comprehensive way of … Keep reading »

  • Ideas for the Struggle

    What’s happening is a renovation of left-wing thought. The ideas of revolutions that we used to defend in the 1970s and 1980s, in practice, have not materialized. So, left-wing thought has had to open itself up to new realities and search for new interpretations. It has had to develop more flexibility in order to understand … Keep reading »

  • The Path to Human Development: Capitalism or Socialism?

    If we believe in people, if we believe that the goal of a human society must be that of “ensuring overall human development,” our choice is clear: socialism or barbarism. These concluding lines from “The Path to Human Development” appear on the back cover of one Venezuelan edition – a pocket-sized edition much like the … Keep reading »

  • Michael Lebowitz and 21st Century Socialism

    Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez has re-opened the discussion of political alternatives, in Latin America and beyond, in spectacular fashion. Based in Caracas, Michael Lebowitz has been intensively involved in discussion of the government’s political direction. Watch video »