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  • Ignoring is Denying: The Ontario 2020 Budget and the Climate Emergency

    Briefing note prepared by David Robertson for Seniors for Climate Action Now! SCAN! is a new, Ontario based seniors’ climate action group whose goals are to support youth climate activists and to pressure governments to act decisively to address the climate emergency. For more information on SCAN! visit the FB page Seniors for Climate Action … Keep reading »

  • The Ontario Budget: Hard Times Ahead

    To ease future cuts, the government established a budgeting system this year which would see much of the COVID-related funding budgeted under special funds distinct from the normal ministries. So much of the increased funding for the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Long-Term Care (LTC) is not reflected in their line items but instead … Keep reading »

  • Ontario 2020 Budget

    “We are here at a critical time; not just for Ontario but for the whole country. And during this difficult time, my government’s top priority is the health and well-being of all Ontarians. Moments of urgency require us to put aside our differences, have each other’s backs, stick together as a country, and reassure the … Keep reading »

  • One Million More Reasons to Mobilize Against Ford

    The public sector ‘salary restraint’ legislation was introduced on June 5th #QueensPark. The Bill is a shot across the bow of public sector unions, especially the teachers’ unions #OnPoli Keep reading »

  • Hard Right Turn Ontario

    A decade after the global financial crisis, few of the initial political calculations on the trajectory of world capitalism remain intact. The assessments made by liberals and social democrats alike on the end of neoliberalism and a revival of Keynesian state intervention now seem like a bad joke. And the reading from many on the … Keep reading »

  • Another Round of Punishing Austerity in Ontario

    The eminent conservative scholar of public budgeting Aaron Wildavsky characterized annual budgets as a record of “victories, defeats, bargains, and compromises.” The province of Ontario’s 2019 Budget, the first of the new Conservative government of Doug Ford, does indeed tell us something of this – additional fiscal supports for business, erosion of social expenditures in … Keep reading »

  • Time for Some Critical Thinking

    We learned many lessons in fighting the Conservative governments in the past, and personally in our long battle to block the privatization of Ontario Hydro One. Keep reading »

  • Cuts, Cuts, Cuts: Ontario’s New Education Funding Guide

    Doug Ford has got out his scissors! Everything is on the chopping block ( except his camper van). Or – more likely – he wants to open up public services to business. Keep reading »

  • Remembering the Metro Days of Action

    As Ontario faces a new round of neoliberal attacks on workers, the poor, racialized, and other marginalized communities it is important to draw lessons from past struggles. Watch video »

  • Class War Conservatism and Resistance to the Doug Ford Tories

    The Fordist Conservative government in Ontario presents a pressing challenge to politics as usual and raises the stakes for working class resistance. Almost immediately upon taking office Doug Ford and his Tory regime have gone on an offensive targeting diverse segments of the working class. In their aggressive actions they have shown themselves to be … Keep reading »

  • It’s Time We Dispel The Myth Of ‘Progressive’ Liberalism In Ontario

    Far from progressive public policy, it has been tax cuts and austerity that has prevailed in Ontario over the last decade. Keep reading »

  • Ontario Fights Back: Recalling the Harris years

    Canada, and its industrial heartland and largest province of Ontario, is far from immune from the right-wing populist forces gaining electoral ground and organizational force around the world. The June 7th election of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PC), led by the politician, businessman and blowhard Doug Ford, to a majority government is an … Watch video »