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  • Drumming Up a Healthcare Crisis

    The Drummond Report’s Implications for Health Policy In a Maclean’s interview in November 2008, former TD Bank Chief Economist (2000-2010) and head of the eponymously titled ‘Drummond Report’ spoke truer than … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Health Care: Privatization and Gendered Labour

    Priscillia Lefebvre is a collaborative Ph.D. student at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology/Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). Pat Armstrong is Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies … Keep reading »

  • The Coming Battle: Healthcare Privatization and the Ontario Election

    In the past, capitalists had given many aspects of healthcare a pass in Canada and Ontario. There was a general preference to leave medicare intact from the lower costs it … Keep reading »

  • Rally to Stop the Closure of 120 Beds

    Toronto — 26 November 2010. Providence Healthcare is a leading Toronto healthcare facility, specializing in rehabilitation for patients who have experienced strokes, orthopedic surgery, or lower limb amputation, or who … Watch video »

  • Book Launch: Power in Coalition

    Toronto, September 7, 2010. Moderated by Steve Watson, CAW staff. Part 1: Amanda Tattersall – is an Australian researcher, union and community organizer and the founder of the Sydney Alliance, … Watch video »

  • Starving Healthcare

    Toronto, June 19, 2010. Part 1: Colin Leys is honorary professor of politics at Goldsmiths College London and editor of the 2010 Socialist Register. View part 2 on Youtube website … Watch video »

  • Sick of Hospital Cuts and Privatization

    Emergency Rooms Closed, Hospital Beds Cut, New User Fees, Local Birthing Closed, Mammography Closed, Physiotherapy Privatized, Surgeries Moved Out of Town, Operating Rooms Closed,Thousands of Nurses and Support Staff Laid … Watch video »

  • Launch of Socialist Register 2010: Morbid Symptoms, Health Under Capitalism

    Part 1: A panel discussion with contributing authors: Colin Leys (Health, health care and capitalism), Pat Armstrong (Contradictions at work: struggles for control in Canadian health care), Roddy Loepky (Certain wealth: Accumulation in the health industry). Part 2: Commentators: Dr Andy Coates (Physicians for a National Health Program, Co-Chair, Single Payer New York) and Natalie (Mehra, Director, Ontario Health Coalition). Watch video »

  • What’s Wrong with Ontario’s Health Ministry and How to Fix It

    Health Minister David Caplan’s resignation is the right thing in the wake of scathing Provincial Auditor’s reports and repeated exorbitant salary revelations at the Ministry of Health (MOH). Undoubtedly in … Keep reading »

  • Poverty And Healthcare

    Presentations by: Natalie Mehra, Director Ontario Health Coalition; John Clarke, Organizer Ontario Coalition Against Poverty; Laura Cowan, Executive Director Street Health; Doris Grinspun, Executive Director Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. … Watch video »

  • Whose Healthcare?

    Challenging the Corporate Struggle to Rule Our System Hugh Armstrong, et al. Most Canadians reject a private health care system that is driven by the accumulation of profit, that limits people’s access … Keep reading »