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  • Realizing ‘Just Transitions’: The Struggle for Plant Conversion at GM Oshawa

    On November 26, 2018, General Motors announced a number of plant closures in North America, the largest of which is in Oshawa, Ontario. The Oshawa facility, once the largest auto complex on the continent, was to end all its assembly operations by the end of 2019. The response of the federal government, which had used … Keep reading »

  • GM Oshawa Last Day of Vehicle Production

    Don’t Let it be the End of the Line for the Oshawa Plant! The last GM vehicle to be produced in Oshawa, Ontario rolled off the line on Wednesday, 18 December 2019. We are gathered to mark the almost criminal actions of General Motors Company in abandoning assembly and supplier workers and the community of … Watch video »

  • Green Jobs Oshawa and a Just Transition

    One year ago, GM announced the closure of the Oshawa Assembly Plant. Workers in the community faced the crushing reality that their livelihood was being stolen. At a time of record profits, in the billions of dollars, GM showed a complete disregard for thousands of workers and their communities. Out of this devastation Green Jobs … Keep reading »

  • Take the Plant, Save the Planet

    Creating Good Jobs, Making Sustainable Products, Challenging Climate Change GM’s bosses are closing the auto plant in Oshawa but workers want to repurpose it to create good jobs and produce green and sustainable energy products. Join us for a discussion with Linda McQuaig (author and journalist), James Hutt (Leap Manifesto), Rebecca Keetch (autoworker, Green Jobs Oshawa), … Watch video »

  • Solidarity with UAW Strikers

    A lively crowd of Unifor Local 222 members and retirees came out October 7 to show their solidarity with the workers who are taking on General Motors in the US. Keep reading »

  • Future Possibilities for the GM Plant in Oshawa

    We believe that Oshawa could be the manufacturing centre for battery electric vans and other vehicles, anchored by production for Canada Post and other government bodies. Government action and a public ownership model would be required. There is growing support for this proposal from unions, community activists and environmentalists. It would keep good jobs for … Watch video »

  • Take the Plant, Save the Planet

    The Case For Nationalization and Conversion of the Oshawa GM Plant It is a tragic irony that General Motors (GM) chose its hundredth anniversary in Oshawa to announce the December 2019 closure of its Oshawa assembly plant. This means the loss of over 15,000 jobs in Ontario: 2,200 GM assembly jobs, 300 salaried positions, 500 temporary … Keep reading »

  • Take It Over: The Struggle for Green Production in Oshawa

    In November 2018, Detroit-based General Motors dealt a staggering blow to 2,700 Canadian workers when it announced plans leading to the closure of a key automotive assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario. In its heyday decades earlier, GM Oshawa had been the largest auto complex in North America and had employed twenty-three thousand workers. But those … Keep reading »

  • Should GM Oshawa be publicly owned?

    The Oats podcast interviews Tony Leah and Rebecca Keetch about GM’s decision to wind down vehicle assembly at its facility in Oshawa, Ontario. Listen to audio »

  • Ecosocialism and Just Transition

    Climate change requires major societal change. But how do we ensure this transformation is done in a fair and just manner? John Bellamy Foster – a renowned environmental sociologist and editor of Monthly Review – takes a look at the idea of the Just Transition, arguing that any strategy to save the planet must go … Keep reading »

  • Electric Vehicle Production is Possible in Oshawa

    Green Jobs Oshawa distributed this leaflet at the Unifor Constitutional Convention on Wednesday, August 21. It calls for government action to establish electric vehicle production in Oshawa, under public ownership. Oshawa could be the manufacturing centre for battery electric vans and other vehicles, anchored by production for Canada Post and other federal, provincial, and municipal … Keep reading »

  • Conversion: Alternatives for the GM Shutdown

    GM’s announcement that it will halt production at its award-winning assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario was hardly a surprise, though it still managed to stun the federal and Ontario governments. #SaveOshawaGM #GreenJobs Keep reading »