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  • Terror Attacks, G20 Hypocrisy

    I join with many others who stand for a world of peace and justice in completely repudiating the terrorist attacks in Paris and the similar atrocity in Beirut. We express our full solidarity with the hundreds of innocent victims, dead and injured, many of whom remain in critical condition at this time. That said, the … Keep reading »

  • The U.S. Still Decides the Future of Capitalism

    Not the G20, and Not the BRICS Nations International attention has been diverted away from this year’s G20 meetings in Australia by the declaration from the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, at their meeting in Fortaleza Brazil this July, that they would launch a new “BRICS bank.” Created by the U.S. Treasury … Keep reading »

  • One Year After the G20 Protests: Forms of Protest Reflect Our Power

    In June 2010, leaders of the G20 countries gathering in Toronto were met with a large protest march organized by union officials as well as by a series of actions organized by community-based activists. Police arrests of activists began before the march. Many hundreds of arrests followed, in the wake of attacks on property in … Keep reading »

  • Rally in Support of Alex Hundert

    Toronto, September 18, 2010. G20 defendant and alleged ‘ringleader’ Alex Hundert appeared in court on Saturday September 18, 2010 for an alleged breach of his existing bail condition to not participate in any public demonstration. The police and Crown have made the preposterous and unbelievable claim that Alex’s two public speaking events on university campuses … Watch video »

  • Weighing Up the G20: From Toronto to Korea to the Left

    The G20 meetings in Seoul, Korea are scheduled for November 11-12. It is clear that like the Toronto meetings of June that they will be pre-occupied with the world economy, the ongoing financial crisis, and the push for austerity against concerns of a second sharp fall in economic growth. As in Toronto, security will be … Keep reading »

  • The Right to Dissent: Day of Action For Civil Liberties

    During the G20 Summit in Toronto on June 26 and 27, 2010, more than $1.2-billion was spent on a reported 20,000 police and security officers, a 5-metre fence, and new weapons designed to stifle dissent and silence public opposition. Despite threats of new crowd dispersal weapons and dubious claims that police were granted extraordinary powers … Keep reading »

  • Who Commanded the G20 Commander?

    It’s time for the Prime Minister to take responsibility for the G20 fiasco. A room filled with police officers stare at pulsing screens; feeds from 85 cameras cover most of Toronto’s downtown core. This was the command centre for the G20 Integrated Security Unit (there was another ISU command centre in Barrie). In charge was the … Keep reading »

  • G20 Protests: Fighting Back Against the Police State

    On Monday, June 28, a large and boisterous demonstration of about 2500 people that snaked through the streets of Toronto continued the movement to rid this city of the police state regime that took over during the G20 summit. The leaders of the G20 had gone. As expected, their gathering had focussed on finding new … Keep reading »

  • In the Aftermath of the G20: Reflections on Strategy, Tactics and Militancy

    The events at the Saturday G20 demonstration in Toronto last week have provoked a series of responses already. This article is not meant to review the events of the day itself, but to look at the questions raised by the demonstrations and tactics used for the left. Suffice to say the reaction of the police, … Keep reading »

  • The G20 Debacle

    What it Might Have Looked Like Inside the Fence Hosting the G20 in Toronto was the first of a series of political gambles by the Conservative Canadian government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. At a time when U.S. President Barack Obama, leader of the world’s greatest debtor nation, was seeking additional stimulus money and therefore … Keep reading »

  • Justice for Our Communities: No to G8/G20!

    Toronto, June 25, 2010. From June 25th and 27th, 2010, the world’s twenty richest countries (the G8 and G20) will send their ruling elite, along with heads of the IMF and World Bank, to meet in Huntsville and then in Toronto, to talk exploitation, wealth, and greed. Toronto’s communities are uniting to take back what … Watch video »

  • The Mass Arrests, the Security State and the Toronto G20 Summit

    The massive police presence in Toronto over this week has been officially justified on the basis of protecting the leaders of the G8 and G20 countries meeting in Huntsville and Toronto. We were told that the creation of the fenced-in fortress, the massive mobilization of police (estimates ranging from 10-20,000) from across Canada, and even … Keep reading »