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  • From Canada’s Election to Public Action

    Beyond the Alberta Tar-Sands For months, during and after Canada’s 2019 federal election campaign, corporate media provided daily frontpage news space for Alberta’s non-stop demands for more tar-sands-export infrastructure through British Columbia, as well as space for discrediting stories on the Trudeau government for his attempt at questionable legal protection of a Quebec big business and … Keep reading »

  • After the Federal Election: the Dangers and Challenges that Lie Ahead

    It is still early to interpret fully the results of Canada’s October 21 federal election. But behind the immediate results some trends are clear. Canada’s Federal Election, 2019 2019 2015 Party Seats Votes % of vote Seats Votes % of vote Liberal 157 5,915,950 33.1 184 6,930,136 39.5 Conservative 121 6,155,662 34.4 99 5,600,496 31.9 … Keep reading »

  • The Saga of SNC-Lavalin: Quebec Inc. and the Canadian State

    For several months now the SNC-Lavalin saga has continued to unfold, although it has been displaced somewhat in the current election campaign. You will recall the small storm that arose when star cabinet ministers in the Trudeau government, Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould in particular, resigned over the refusal to prosecute some shady “cases.” Trudeau, … Keep reading »

  • Book Launch: The Trudeau Formula w/Martin Lukacs

    Book launch with The Trudeau Formula author Martin Lukacs, discussants Judy Rebick and Russ Diabo, and moderator, Sharmeen Khan. Watch video »

  • Bringing SNC-Lavalin to Mind in this Uninspiring Federal Election

    Who would have believed, just a few months ago, that the SNC-Lavalin scandal would scarcely have been registered so far as one of the key issues in the current Federal election? This has nothing to do with the short memories of our politicians or the voters. Rather it depressingly speaks to the narrow range of … Keep reading »

  • The Canadian Election and Palestinian Solidarity

    Voters looking to cast a ballot in support of Palestinian rights will be out of luck when it comes to the main parties – PM Trudeau’s Liberals, and the main opposition Conservatives #elxn43 #cdnpoli Keep reading »

  • Canada’s Election: Voters Defeat Harper, but Elect Another Trudeau

    Canada’s federal election October 19 was effectively a plebiscite of voter opinion on the decade-long rule by the ultra-neoliberal Conservatives (Tories) led by Stephen Harper. With some 70 per cent of the electorate declaring for “change” in successive polling, the overriding issue was which of the main opposition parties, the New Democratic Party (NDP) or … Keep reading »

  • The Federal NDP’s Electoral Breakthrough in Quebec: A Challenge to Progressives in Canada

    If Jack Layton’s election-night speech to his Toronto supporters is an indication of what lies ahead, the New Democratic Party (NDP) is going to have a hard time coming to terms with a parliamentary caucus now composed of a majority of MPs from Quebec. To a crowded room in which nearly everyone was waving Canadian … Keep reading »

  • Anti-Austerity Struggles and the Canadian Election

    The economic crisis that whipped across the advanced capitalist countries in 2007-09 has now moved into a phase of unprecedented government austerity. Rather than spelling the end of neoliberalism, the response to the crisis is intensifying its primary distributional and administrative norms. Workers everywhere are being asked – by political intimidation and market imperatives – … Keep reading »

  • Canada’s Elections: What’s the Alternative to the Tories?

    Canada’s minority Conservative Party government has called a federal election for October 14. Serious issues confront voters – war in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the economic downturn that that will grow out of the U.S. financial crisis, and climate change that endangers human life on our planet. But four of the five parties in … Keep reading »

  • This Election will Not End the Impasse of Canadian Democracy

    By a margin of 171 to 133, the united parliamentary forces of the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and New Democratic Party felled the federal Liberal Government of Paul Martin at 7:09 pm of November 28 on a motion which simply read “This House has lost confidence in the government.” Thus the 38th Parliament of Canada ended. … Keep reading »