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  • British Labour: The Future is Ours to Make, Together

    Today we are launching the most ambitious and radical campaign our country has ever seen to bring real change to our country. If you want to live in a society that works for everybody and not just the billionaires, if you want to save our hospitals, schools and public services from Tory cuts and privatisation, … Keep reading »

  • Two Reports: The British Political Crisis and the Labour Party

    Britain’s Political Crisis: Problems and Possibilities for the Left Kate Hudson The British political crisis continues, with the latest developments consolidating the hard right takeover of the Tory Party and government that began with the Brexit referendum in 2016 and is now leading to the development of a potentially mass neo-fascist movement. This is taking place against … Keep reading »

  • The Brexit Crisis and British Labour

    Two Speeches from the 2019 TUC Congress Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the UK Labour Party, speaking at the 151st annual TUC Congress in Brighton. Congress, thank you for that warm welcome. It’s an honour to be asked to address you again. I’m proud that trade unions and the Labour Party are working as closely together … Keep reading »

  • An Inevitable Division: The Politics and Consequences of the Labour Split

    It’s the changing nature of class and capital that’s caused this split – and should shape the Left’s response to it. But discussing class meaningfully is the last media taboo. Keep reading »

  • Their Internationalism and Ours

    Dr. Paul O’Connell puts forward a vision of socialist internationalism that begins with the assertion and restoration of democracy and working-class power at a national level. Keep reading »

  • Jeremy Corbyn’s Geneva Speech

    British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Geneva in honor of International Human Rights Day cited the need to: “Build a new social and economic system with human rights and justice at its core. Deliver climate justice and a better way to live together on this planet.” Keep reading »

  • The Crisis of European Integration and the Challenges for the Left

    The elephant in the room is now visible to everyone. All the developments of the past years, from the extreme violence and cynicism of the “memoranda of understanding” imposed upon Greece to the decision of the British referendum in favour of Brexit, point to the same direction: the deep crisis of European Integration. It was … Keep reading »

  • Brexit and the Crisis of the Left

    The British majority in favour of leaving the EU (Brexit) was surprising, even shocking, to many. The discussion runs high on both the result and the causes. The confusion seems to be extraordinarily high on the left, in Britain as in the rest of Europe. In reality, the result of the referendum reflects an EU … Keep reading »

  • British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a rally.

    A Question of Leadership

    The ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn proclaims must be an explicit agenda of institutional change, not simply a change of style at the dispatch box. ‘He’s a decent man, with great integrity – but he’s not a real leader’ is the constant refrain from Jeremy Corbyn’s critics, questioning his electability. At the same time, half of … Keep reading »

  • After ‘Brexit’: A Social-Democratic Re-Founding of Europe?

    Critical remarks on the new post-“Brexit” strategy paper by Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz In light of “Brexit” and within 24 hours after the publication of the final results in the British referendum on EU membership, Sigmar Gabriel, Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) chairman, German vice-chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs in the Merkel government, … Keep reading »

  • Why Should Labour Support the Undemocratic European Union?: The Case to Leave

    The origins of the European Union (EU) are, in many ways, inspiring and almost miraculous. Co-operation in the iron and steel industries between France and West Germany was built on an economic strategy that gave not only dignity, but some power to workers, through the balance of power in corporate governance which gave a parity … Keep reading »