Category: War/Peace

  • Lebanon in a State of Siege

    The military conflicts in Gaza and Lebanon have the whole world on edge. The military assaults by Israel have been out of massive disproportion to the soldiers kidnapped, and brought … Keep reading »

  • Who’s Getting It? The Canadian Mission in Afghanistan

    Since relieving American forces in Kandahar on 28 February 2006, Canada’s casualties in Afghanistan have come from a suicide bombing, an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) accident, an axe attack on … Keep reading »

  • Ariel Sharon Visits Toronto

    Activists across Canada have been gearing up in preparation of a visit to Toronto by the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Sharon is scheduled to be keynote speaker at the … Keep reading »

  • Whose Violence?

    Imperial State Security and the Global Justice Movement Given the USA’s unique imperial status in today’s world, the re-election of George W. Bush inevitably has global as well as domestic implications, … Keep reading »