• Lessons from the Humbling of General Motors

    Of all 20th century industries, it was the auto sector that best captured the sway of capitalism and the rise of American dominance. The assembly line showed off capitalism’s remarkable productive potential and the automobile flaunted capitalism’s consumerist possibilities. At mid-century, with Europe and Japan emerging from the devastation of war, 80% of the world’s … Keep reading »

  • Obama’s Cairo Speech

    Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo on the 4th of June 2009 definitely lived up to expectations – provided we agree on what could have been expected. With regard to the form, Obama fully lived up to his role as the new black and human face of America in its relation with the rest of the … Keep reading »

  • Assessing an Obama Presidency

    The Left in the U.S. and around the world is celebrating the end of the Bush Presidency. We also celebrate the election of an African-American to the Presidency of what remains a deeply racist country. And what person on the Left does not want ‘change’? This all raises deeper questions about Obama’s Presidency, alongside a … Keep reading »

  • Putting the U.S. Economic Crisis in Perspective

    It is time to take stock. The centrality of the American economy to the capitalist world – which now literally does encompass the whole world – has spread the financial crisis that began in the U.S. housing market around the globe. And the economic recession which that financial crisis has triggered in the U.S. now … Keep reading »

  • Empire’s Contradictions, Our Weaknesses: The Empire Stumbles On

    Today’s two most conspicuous global flashpoints – the Middle East and Latin America – have widely exposed the fact of U.S. imperialism and highlighted some of its limitations. Adding the apparent cracks in U.S. economic hegemony seems to indicate an empire in decline. Yet a more cautious assessment would recall that the earlier defeat in … Keep reading »

  • Is the Big Ship America Sinking? Contradictions and Openings

    “There’s something happening What it is ain’t exactly clear” -Buffalo Springfield, 1966 Are we in the midst of a momentous turn in world politics? Donald Rumsfeld has been shuffled out of the Pentagon. Daniel Ortega Washington’s nemesis from the Sandinista Revolution of the late 1970s, is back as President of Nicaragua. Hugo Chavez has been … Keep reading »