• Israeli Apartheid: A Socialist View

    John Greyson – filmmaker, writer, queer activist and professor at York University in Toronto – recently produced Vuvuzela. This short video cleverly portrays the growing participation of musicians in the cultural boycott of Israel as a contest of soccer teams on the world stage. Simply producing and distributing this video was a radical political act, … Keep reading »

  • Libya and the Danger of Humanitarian Intervention

    Events are rapidly unfolding in Libya and the surrounding region, and military intervention appears to be an increasing reality as the hours pass. One look at the principal Western nations deploying their military forces to the Mediterranean says a great deal: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France. Italy has also repudiated its … Keep reading »

  • Military Coups are Good for Canadian Business: The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

    Last week Canadian negotiators met with their Honduran counterparts in Tegucigalpa to discuss a free trade agreement (FTA). Negotiators from the two countries last met in Ottawa in December. According to the Honduran press, an agreement is close to being completed. This marks an alarming development in the efforts of the Canadian state and multinational … Keep reading »

  • Failed Reconstruction in Haiti Debated in Canada

    The first anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake was marked in Canada by widespread media disclosures concerning the failure of the international relief effort. Reports showed that considerable barriers exist to delivering the aid and reconstruction so desperately needed one year later. Many Canadians continue to act in solidarity with the victims of the tragedy. But … Keep reading »

  • Revolution in the Arab World…

    Toronto — 13 February 2011. With Gilbert Achcar – Professor of Development Studies, University of London, author of The Clash of Barbarisms: The Making of the New World Disorder and The Arabs and the Holocaust: the Arab-Israeli War of Narratives. Moderated by Mary-Jo Nadeau – CAIA. Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice; Coalition Against Israeli … Watch video »

  • Dead Hope: The Capitalist West Cannot Afford a Free Middle East

    On Feb 1, 2011 in a remark on the riots of the Egyptians Obama stated, “Now, it is not the role of any other country to determine Egypt’s leaders. Only the Egyptian people can do that.” This is the right position to take except that the actual role of the United States, and the Western … Keep reading »

  • Monument to Mubarak.

    Mubarak’s Folly: The Rising of Egypt’s Workers

    Rarely do our rulers look more absurd than when faced with a popular upheaval. As fear and apathy are broken, ordinary people – housewives, students, sanitation workers, the unemployed – remake themselves. Having been objects of history, they become its agents. Marching in their millions, reclaiming public space, attending meetings and debating their society’s future, … Keep reading »

  • Night in Tunisia: Riots, Strikes and a Spreading Insurgency

    Popular upheavals always carry a distinct sonic resonance. The cascading chants that reverberate through the streets, the roar of the crowd as it drives back the riot police and seizes the city square – all this and more produces an unmistakable acoustic effect. The rhythm of revolt pulsates through society, freedom music fills the air. … Keep reading »

  • What’s Happening On The Korean Peninsula?

    What’s happening on the Korean peninsula? If you read the press or listen to the talking heads, your best guess would be that an insane North Korean regime is willing to risk war to manage its own internal political tensions. This conclusion would be hard to avoid because the media rarely provide any historical context … Keep reading »

  • Emerging Powers: Allies or Rivals?

    Delhi, India — 9 November 2010. View on Blip.TV website Presentations by: Dr. Boris Kagarlitsky – Director, Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, Moscow, Russia. Dr. Chaohua Wang – Research Scholar in Chinese Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Part of the “Global Crisis and Hegemonic Dilemmas” conference.

  • Thousands Protest Irish Nightmare Economy

    Last weekend in Ireland, thousands of people demonstrated against austerity measures and against bearing the burden of the Irish crisis. Just how did the Irish miracle turn into the Irish nightmare? Paul Jay of The Real News Network recently interviewed Leo Panitch. Panitch is a distinguished research professor at York University, teaches political science there, … Keep reading »

  • The Revolt Shaking France

    Strikes and protests have spread to every corner of France as President Nicolas Sarkozy pushes for a final vote in parliament on his proposal to ‘reform’ the country’s national pension system. Every day last week has seen strikes, blockades and demonstrations. Police attempted to break up blockades at oil refineries and supply facilities after weeks … Keep reading »