• Protests in Iran: Not Just About Stolen Votes

    Since the June 12 elections declaring incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner, large scale violence not seen for a decade has erupted in cities throughout Iran. Running against former Prime Minister and opposition candidate Mir Hussein Musavi, news of Ahmadinejad’s election victory from the Interior Ministry came less than an hour of the closing of … Keep reading »

  • South African Political Power Balance Shifts Left

    Though Not Yet Enough to Quell Grassroots Anger With high-volume class strife heard in the rumbling of wage demands and the friction of township ‘service delivery protests,’ rhetorical and real conflicts are bursting open in every nook and cranny of South Africa. The big splits in the society are clearer now. Distracting internecine rivalries within the … Keep reading »

  • Obama’s Cairo Speech

    Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo on the 4th of June 2009 definitely lived up to expectations – provided we agree on what could have been expected. With regard to the form, Obama fully lived up to his role as the new black and human face of America in its relation with the rest of the … Keep reading »

  • The Middle East from Bush/Sharon to Obama/Netanyahu

    Toronto, May 3, 2009. Professor Gilbert Achcar teaches Development Studies at the School of African and Oriental Studies at the University of London. His latest book is Perilous Power: The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy. Dialogues on Terror, Democracy, War, and Justice (2009) (with Noam Chomsky), published by Paradigm.

  • SAPF: Special Session on Sri Lanka

    Toronto, April 23, 2009. The South Asian People’s Unity Forum, Toronto, began with a special discussion on the current crisis in Sri Lanka, and what democratic and Left groups might expect or work for the near future. SAPF is interested to disseminate as many progressive analyses and reflections on Sri Lanka as possible, especially in … Watch video »

  • “How is India?”

    “How is India?” asked an erudite friend of mine from North America soon after I reached India last December. How indeed? I write this piece this week as India goes to the polls: a mammoth process involving 714 million voters is about to unfold over the next one month. The polity looks fractured as never … Keep reading »

  • The Crisis in Gaza – Interview with Gilbert Achcar

    Daniel Finn: What do you think are the chief goals of Israeli strategy at present in their assault on the Gaza strip? Gilbert Achcar: Well that’s a complicated question actually, because there are different levels involved. Seen through a wide angle, it is part of an ongoing struggle between Israel on the one hand and … Keep reading »

  • Israel’s Message to Iran

    On January 17, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a unilateral ceasefire, where Israel will stop its attacks but continue its military presence. “We have met and even surpassed our goals,” declared Olmert, as he thanked the Israeli public for their continued support of the 22-day onslaught in Gaza. To those paying even minimal attention … Keep reading »

  • Destroying Gaza, Delaying Palestine

    We watch in horror as Israel unleashes yet another war on the dispossessed and weak. Hundreds are killed (mostly police and civilians, not trained militants), thousands are injured, and a million and a half are terrorized, punished for defying the will of their besiegers and refusing to submit. Again the media colludes and sells a … Keep reading »

  • Israeli Slaughter, International Culpability

    Gaza massacre points to urgent need for viable sanctions There is every reason to be outraged. But despite the severity of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, we have little right to act surprised. Whatever else can be said, Israel has made it abundantly clear that until its actions are met with credible international sanctions, it will subject … Keep reading »

  • Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

    Toronto — 3 December 2008. Legalizing Terror: The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Jasmin Hristov, author of Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia, Ph.D. candidate York University Todd Gordon, writer on Canadian imperialism and Canada’s free trade agreement with Colombia, member of New Socialist Group Iliam Burbano, CUPE international solidarity activist Toronto — 7 December 2008. … Watch video »

  • Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Signed

    Not a government to fail to live up to its reactionary commitments, the Tories signed Canada’s free trade agreement with Colombia on November 21st. The signing is the culmination of the Tory government’s aggressive campaign to reach a trade deal with the human-rights troubled Andean country. Prime Minister Harper first announced his government’s intention to … Keep reading »