• Anti-Tory Then and Anti-Tory Now

    So David Cameron is Britain’s new prime minister. His accession to 10 Downing Street is reminiscent of another May election when the smug elite organized in the Conservative Party outpolled the Labour Party. May 3, 1979, Margaret Thatcher defeated James Callaghan. She would in the 1980s, partner up with her U.S. equivalent – former B-movie … Keep reading »

  • A State of Terror: The Death of Human Rights in the Philippines

    “We continue to work because of hope for freedom, and trust in the capacity of the people to unite and change the system of oppression” — Congressman Neri Colmenares of BAYAN-MUNA. The Philippines is second only to Colombia for being the most dangerous place in the world for union activists. From January 2001 to October … Keep reading »

  • May First: High Noon in Nepal

    “You must come to Kathmandu with shroud cloth wrapped around your heads and flour in your bags. It will be our last battle. If we succeed, we survive, else it will be the end of our party.” — General Secretary Badal of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) There are moments when Kathmandu does … Keep reading »

  • What Kind of Palestinian State in 2011?

    In December 2007, the Palestinian National Authority (PA), in close consultation with donor states and institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, proposed the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP), a program based on “rebuilding the Palestinian national institutions” and “developing the Palestinian public and private sectors.”[1] To augment this plan, the … Keep reading »

  • Notes on Israel’s Triumph to Disaster

    Who will stop Israel in its relentless expropriation of Palestine and from triumphing to disaster? Isaac Deutscher, from whom I borrow my title, believed that the occupation of 1967 would have catastrophic consequences for Israel. It wouldn’t end well, he feared.[1] Israel’s expansion and colonial contempt would only produce more enemies, and its triumph would … Keep reading »

  • Tour Builds Venezuela Solidarity in Canada

    Federico Fuentes and Kiraz Janicke concluded their ten-day tour of Canada on March 7, with a rally in Vancouver entitled “Change the System, Not the Climate.” Fuentes shared the platform with Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s UN ambassador and chief spokesperson on climate change. Fuentes described the leading role played by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, together with … Keep reading »

  • Israel Is an Apartheid State and That is Why They Are Losing Legitimacy

    Before Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) even began members of the Ontario Legislature and the Canadian Parliament are falling all over each other to denounce it. I can’t remember another time when elected legislators formally denounced a student activity like this. Perhaps during the 1950s when McCarthyism was rampant but that was before my time. Last … Keep reading »

  • The Venezuelan Call for a New International Organization of the Left

    The call by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for discussion of the formation of a ‘Fifth International’ has generated a lot of debate amongst the left around the world. As an addendum to the ‘Caracas Commitment’ of November 2009, a resolution was passed to form a preparatory committee to convene a global conference of left parties … Keep reading »

  • The Need for Consistent Politics In the Wake of 22 Bahman

    February 11, or 22 Bahman, marks the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. On this day, massive street fights between government troops loyal to the Pahlavi dynasty and Iranians opposing its repressive rule culminated in a final collapse of the last monarchy of Iran. With the Military Council’s declaration of “neutrality” of the armed … Keep reading »

  • Relief Efforts in the Shadow of Past ‘Help’

    Moving from crimes-as-charity to actual support for Haiti Over the course of the past decade, Canada’s leading officials and most prestigious commentators have learned how to approach Haiti in the spirit of cynical power politics and racist condescension (or worse) while maintaining a posture of national self-flattery. With attention again riveted on Haiti following the horrific … Keep reading »

  • Is Canada More pro-Israel than the U.S.?

    In June, Israel began barring some North Americans with Palestinian-sounding names entry through Ben Gurion Airport. Forced to reroute through a land-border crossing that connects the West Bank with Jordan, their passports were stamped “Palestinian Authority only,” which prevents them from entering Israel proper. The Obama Administration objected to the move by Israel that discriminates … Keep reading »

  • The German Federal Elections

    Centre-Right Wins Majority,Social Democracy Suffers Crushing Defeat,The Left Receives a Boost Conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was leading a coalition government with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) since 2005, will also lead Germany’s next government; this time with support from the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP). In an election that saw voter turn out at a … Keep reading »