Category: Imperialism

  • The United States of America in the AfPak Region and Beyond

    War on Terror or Alliance with Islamic Terrorism? It may sound rather odd in the face of the open war on terror that has been raging in Afghanistan and the Middle East to speak of United States’ alliance with Islamic terrorists, but that is the messy reality of our times. The United States, it seems, has … Keep reading »

  • Nous Sommes Tous Charlie… de Gaulle!

    In politics there is a golden rule: beware agreements that cut across all political currents! The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo has been turned into a farce by the mammoth march in Paris, along with similar ones in cities across France, large and small. It is an insult on human intelligence to tie, in whatever combination, … Keep reading »

  • Imperialism in South Asia and the War Against the People of Pakistan

    Campaign Against Drones in Pakistan (CADiP) On March 12, 2014, Canada’s troops formally withdrew from Afghanistan after twelve years of participation in Western military occupation under the banners of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Nearly two weeks later the minister for citizenship and immigration, Chris Alexander, appeared on … Keep reading »

  • The Geopolitical Ecology of Empire’s Ally

    Jordy Cummings interviews Greg Albo and Jerome Klassen Jordy Cummings (JC): One of the overarching themes of Empire’s Ally in general,and your contribution in particular, is a questioning of the predominant thesis held by supporters and detractors of the Conservative government, that is to say, the idea that there was a qualitative shift in Canadian foreign … Keep reading »

  • Challenging Harper’s Imperialist Agenda

    It has become commonplace to observe that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper has been re-making the symbols and practices of the Canadian state. Canada, in this view, was once the social democratic heartland of North America. But under Harper, Canada has been transformed into a hyper-regime of neoliberal market fundamentalism. Nowhere, it is argued, … Keep reading »

  • Emerging Powers: Allies or Rivals?

    Delhi, India — 9 November 2010. View on Blip.TV website Presentations by: Dr. Boris Kagarlitsky – Director, Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, Moscow, Russia. Dr. Chaohua Wang – Research Scholar in Chinese Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Part of the “Global Crisis and Hegemonic Dilemmas” conference.

  • ‘Ask Afghans what would help them, don’t ask Karzai’

    Mike Skinner, co-founder of the Afghanistan-Canadian Research Group and a researcher at the York Centre for International and Security Studies in Toronto, believes a simple question is being left out of the debate about Canada’s continued military involvement in Afghanistan: ”Why are we there?” It is a no-brainer to ask this but there are no … Keep reading »

  • Canadian Imperalism Stumbles Onward

    Imperialism is obviously not always conducted with the frightening roar and unmistakeable destruction of shock and awe. In such moments does the power and horror of imperialism become crystal clear. More often than not, though, imperialist power is projected less dramatically: diplomatic meddling, funding or tacitly supporting a compliant organization over a non-compliant one in … Keep reading »

  • Solidarity with Nepal’s Revolutionary People

    Toronto, May 13, 2010. View on website Half a million in the Kathmandu streets, a general strike, calls for insurrection. Red flags flying everywhere. Can you smell the smoke in the breeze? Nepal’s revolutionary movement is at a critical juncture, and they are asking for international solidarity. Presentations by: Katharine Rankin – Associate Professor … Watch video »

  • From Honduras to Haiti

    Toronto, April 13, 2010. A discussion of recent political developments in, and solidarity efforts for, Honduras and Haiti. Both countries have been at the forefront of Canadian and American imperialist intervention in the region. In Honduras, the violent repression of anti-coup activists continues with the support of American and Canadian imperialism, as those same imperial … Watch video »

  • Acceptable Versus Unacceptable Repression: A Lesson in Canadian Imperial Hypocrisy

    June has been a difficult month for progressive activists around the world. Mass protests in Iran and indigenous blockades in Peru were met with heavy repression, while a left-of-centre President in Honduras was ousted in a military coup. What these tragic events do offer us, however, is a very clear perspective on Canadian foreign policy. … Keep reading »

  • Imperialism and South Asia

    Toronto, April 24, 2009. In the context of India as a rising power with increasingly strong links to the U.S. economic and military empire, of Pakistan’s increasing vulnerability to terrorist acts linked to the incursion of Taliban forces, the U.S. air strikes into Pakistan territory as well as its use of Pakistan as a supply … Watch video »