The SP needs your support.

Unlike the super rich and powerful corporate class, the SP possesses limited resources and capacities. We are not bankrolled by billionaires or the beneficiaries of government subsidies. The sustainability of the SP’s infrastructure and its capacity to grow depends upon the dues paid by our individual members and the generosity of our supporters. Our means are modest, but we do a lot each and every year. We organize public talks, workshops and cultural events. We host visiting intellectuals from around the world. We sponsor, build and contribute to protest actions, community campaigns and social movements. We design and administer this website. We create videos. We edit, publish and print pamphlets. We support spaces where socialists teach and learn. We train cadre and hire organizers. We do all of this with very limited means, and mostly thanks to the voluntary time and energy of our members. We want to develop our capacities and resources to do so much more. The SP’s belt is as tight as can be, and we need your help to loosen it. Your donation will help us rent space, cover our Internet bills, publish works, give stipends to speakers, and hire full-time organizers.

Please donate, and together, we will build an alternative to capitalism.