Category: Imperialism

  • Empire’s Contradictions, Our Weaknesses: The Empire Stumbles On

    Today’s two most conspicuous global flashpoints – the Middle East and Latin America – have widely exposed the fact of U.S. imperialism and highlighted some of its limitations. Adding the apparent cracks in U.S. economic hegemony seems to indicate an empire in decline. Yet a more cautious assessment would recall that the earlier defeat in … Keep reading »

  • Empire’s Ally: Canadian Foreign Policy

    Since the coming into power of the Stephen Harper Conservative government in January of this year, there has been much gnashing of teeth over the foreign policy stance of Canada. In particular, Canada’s relation with the U.S. on a phalanx of fronts has been at the centre of controversy. One has been the softwood lumber … Keep reading »

  • The Beit Hanoun Killings, Israeli Apartheid and Canadian Policies

    The Beit Hanoun Killings, Israeli Apartheid and Canadian Policies The slaughter by Israel of innocent Palestinians, including at least 8 children, and the injury of dozens more, in Beit Hanoun in Gaza this week adds to the tally of war crimes from the occupation. Some 2,300 Gazans have been killed over the past six years … Keep reading »

  • CUPE ‘Boycott Israel’ Debate Rages On

    As trade union and community activists, socialists and officials in our respective union organizations, we strongly support the recent Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario resolution supporting the international Boycott Israel campaign. The resolution criticises Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territory, characterising it as “apartheid.” It calls on the union to develop an education … Keep reading »

  • Political Conflict and the Mexican Presidential Election

    Mexican Presidential elections are always spectacles of the cultural symbols and clichés of Mexico – mariachi bands, twirling parasols, huge flags, marches, the invocation of the cultural heroes of the Mexican revolution and charged speeches. They are also often periods marked by political violence. The Presidential election is set for July 2nd and is rapidly … Keep reading »

  • State Violence and Gender in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

    It is a remarkable commentary on the media monopolies of North America that the violent assault on social movement leaders in Atenco, Mexico in May has been met with silence. Better that the mythologies of Mexican democratization and human rights progress within the confines of NAFTA continue. Since 2002, the people of Atenco, and particularly … Keep reading »

  • Whose Violence?

    Imperial State Security and the Global Justice Movement Given the USA’s unique imperial status in today’s world, the re-election of George W. Bush inevitably has global as well as domestic implications, the direst of which is the readiness and indeed commitment on the part of all three wings of the U.S. Republican Party – the military … Keep reading »