• Financial Capital: Crises Are Part of the Game

    Everything went well during the summer of 2007. The economy was in an upswing and stock-market prices rose even faster. Then the end of the housing boom in the United States triggered an international financial crisis. Up to now it has been contained by heavy central-bank intervention; but the euphoria is gone. The world of … Keep reading »

  • The Crisis in Manufacturing Jobs: Struggling for Answers

    The last weeks of May have seen major demonstrations of workers’ discontent with the crisis that has been unfolding in Canada’s manufacturing sector. Some 52,000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector since January alone. The demonstrations were kicked off on May 23 by protests by the USW at nine plants, as part of … Keep reading »

  • The Auto Industry

    Concretizing Working Class Solidarity: Internationalism beyond Slogans by Sam Gindin. Keep reading »