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  • Ukraine: An Election for the Oligarchs

    Volodymyr Ishchenko on hopes and prospects for Ukraine’s political future. Keep reading »

  • Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of U.S. Hegemony

    What is the background of the ethnic conflict in Ukraine? Can the Ukraine situation lead to a Russia/U.S. confrontation involving nuclear weapons? According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the world is again at a precipice with threats of nuclear war. Watch video »

  • Ukraine’s European Discourse Does Not Correspond to Reality

    Interview with Volodymyr Ishchenko Volodymyr Ishchenko is a sociologist studying social protests in Ukraine. He is the deputy director of the Center for Social and Labour Research, a member of the editorial board of Commons: Journal for Social Criticism and LeftEast web-magazine, and a lecturer at the Department of Sociology in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla … Keep reading »

  • The Maidan Uprising and Civil War in the Ukraine

    Toronto — 2 November 2014. Questions for the Left with Volodymyr Ishchenko Last year’s events marked not only a turning point in Ukraine’s history. It also posed a number of difficult questions for progressive movements and left critical theory. Volodymyr Ishchenko, a sociologist and leftist commentator, presents his perspective on the Ukrainian Maidan and the ongoing … Watch video »

  • Understanding the Civil War in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian conflict, like most political phenomena, is multi-dimensional and highly complex. As such, it calls for a holistic – dialectical, if you wish – approach. But to judge by American and NATO spokespersons and by their mass media, there is only one really decisive factor that explains everything: Russia’s imperialism, Vladimir Putin’s determination to … Keep reading »

  • Stop the War in the Ukraine!

    Antiwar Appeal of Left Forces in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus On June 7-8 a conference of antiwar left forces from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus was held in Minsk. Its purpose was to strengthen the unity of internationalists of the three countries in the fight against the rampant violence, nationalist hysteria and repressions on both sides of … Keep reading »

  • Ukraine: New President Escalates Austerity, Civil War

    Popular Resistance Deepens The newly elected president of western Ukraine is deepening the disastrous course to civil war of his interim predecessor. Within hours of his election on May 25, Petro Poroshenko ordered jet fighters, helicopter gunships, artillery and snipers to back fascist stormtroopers from western Ukraine in attacking the airport and surrounding neighbourhoods in Donetsk … Keep reading »

  • Rather the Useful Idiot: Ukraine in Turmoil

    The images from Odessa were truly horrific. Burnt corpses, a strangled pregnant woman, people jumping out of windows to their deaths. Yet perhaps the most disturbing of them all was the scene where a group of young educated looking teenage girls, draped in the Ukrainian flag, were happily making the Molotov Cocktails that would later … Keep reading »

  • Popular Rebellion Deepens in Eastern and Southern Ukraine

    NATO and the Kiev Government Step Up Attacks A political crisis over the future of Ukraine has exploded in the past two months. It’s being driven by the longstanding efforts of the big imperialist countries to assert economic and military domination over the republics of the former Soviet Union and to weaken and marginalize rival Russia. … Keep reading »

  • Ukraine — Diplomacy Is the Only Way

    The following is the text from a speech delivered on March 13, 2014 by Gregor Gysi, a prominent member of the German Left Party (Die Linke). As the chairman of the largest opposition party in the Bundestag, Gregor Gysi has the right to be the first to respond to Angela Merkel. In his address to … Keep reading »

  • Ukraine Between Popular Uprising for Democracy and Fascist Putsch

    Let’s begin with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s version. One can think what one likes about deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, but his election in 2012 was recognized as legitimate by international observers and, after a certain hesitation, by the defeated candidate, Yulia Timoshenko. In fact, relatively honest elections were just about the only positive outcome … Keep reading »

  • Ukraine, Coup or Revolution?

    The Ukraine is no longer ‘in flames.’ With the hurried flight of the detested Viktor Yanukovych, peace and order have descended on Kiev (except for some fistfights in the Parliament!) There is no looting. Self-organized popular militias protect the luxurious Presidential Palace (privatized by Yanukovych) as crowds of citizen file through to gape at his … Keep reading »