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  • Major Victory for Quebec Students, Environmental Activists

    Their demonstrations have shaken Quebec in recent months, and yesterday [September 20th] students and environmentalists won major victories. At her first news conference as premier, Pauline Marois announced that her Parti Québécois government had cancelled the university tuition fees increase imposed by the Charest Liberal government, and would repeal the repressive provisions of Law 12 … Keep reading »

  • Quebec’s ‘Red Square’ Movement: The Story So Far

    In 2012 Quebec has been shaken by the most important social movement in the Canadian state since the 1970s. What began as a strike by students in Quebec’s universities and Collèges d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel (CEGEPs, which most young people attend after high school) against a major increase in university tuition fees – part of … Keep reading »

  • Lessons From Quebec

    Student Activists from Quebec visit Ryerson Student Centre Students in Quebec have been on strike for six months, refusing to return to classes until the Charest government reverses its plan to hike tuition fees by 75%. With a quarter of a million people marching in the streets of Montreal for three months in a row, a … Watch video »

  • Where Next for the Quebec Mobilizations?

    Debate Opens on Strategic Perspectives Despite massive mobilizations throughout Quebec in opposition to Law 78 and the Jean Charest government, the student struggle is once again at an impasse. At the end of May, the government terminated the latest round of negotiations with the four college and university student associations without offering any concessions on the … Keep reading »

  • Government Repression of Quebec Student Movement Sparks Massive Protests

    Quebec’s student movement and the swelling ranks of its popular allies staged a massive rally and march in Montreal on May 22 in favour of the students’ fight for free, quality public education and against government repression. Estimates by some mainstream news outlets and by independent observers place the number of participants as high as … Keep reading »

  • Red Square, Everywhere

    With Quebec Student Strikers, Against Repression The Charest government has turned to repression to try to break the largest and longest student strike in Quebec history. Students had already endured heavy-handed policing, including hundreds of arrests and brutal attacks by riot cops on campuses and in the streets. The new strikebreaking legislation, Bill 78, is a … Keep reading »

  • Quebec Government Bludgeons Student Strikers With Emergency Law

    But the Struggle Continues Quebec premier Jean Charest announced May 16 that he will introduce emergency legislation to end the militant student strike, now in its 14th week, that has shut down college and university campuses across the province. The students are protesting the Liberal government’s 75 per cent increase in university tuition fees, now slated … Keep reading »

  • Defiant Quebec Students Reject Shabby Government Offer

    Quebec college and university students are now in the 13th week of their militant province-wide strike while voting by overwhelming majorities to reject a government offer that met none of their key demands. Keep reading »

  • Toward a Social Strike

    The student revolt that has been shaking the Quebec state, has been captivating activists across Canada and the world. Coalition large de l’association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (CLASSE) is the major component of the coalition of student unions leading the strike of some 180,000 students out on strike. It is said to represent about … Keep reading »

  • Government Ends Negotiations With Quebec’s Striking Students

    Has the time arrived for a general social strike? On Wednesday, April 25, Education minister Line Beauchamp abruptly ended the negotiations with the student leaders to which she had reluctantly agreed two days earlier – before they had even got to the key issue of the $1625 fee hike. She refused, once again, to negotiate with … Keep reading »

  • Massive Student Upsurge Fuels Major Debates in Quebec Society

    A crowd estimated at 250,000 people or more wound its way through Montréal April 22 in Quebec’s largest ever Earth Day march. They raised many demands: an end to tar sands and shale gas development, opposition to the Quebec government’s Plan Nord mining expansion, support for radical measures to protect ecosystems, and other causes. And … Keep reading »

  • The Student Movement: Radical Priorities

    The student movement in Quebec is an incredibly important development, with implications that reach well beyond provincial borders. The movement emerged in response to a 75 per cent increase in tuition fees to be implemented over the next five years, but it has quickly evolved into something far more significant. “People are starting to realize … Keep reading »