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  • Sneak peek: Extended interview w/ Jordan House

    The conversation on the politics of incarceration continues! This is a sneak peek of the extended segment of our interview with Jordan last week. We address questions such as: Can society exist without prisons? Why are prisoners firefighting in California? And much more… To get access to the full version, go to patreon.com/OatsForBreakfast and become … Listen to audio »

  • The Struggle for Justice in Prisons w/ Jordan House

    Episode 8: From 21 August and 9 September, prisoners across the U.S. went on strike. We chat with Jordan House about the continent-wide prison strike. Listen to audio »

  • Carceral Capitalism and Anti-Capitalist Politics

    Review of Jackie Wang’s book Carceral Capitalism (MIT Press, 2018). It is arguably one of the most wide-ranging, critical, and theoretically nuanced examinations of the political economy of the carceral state in the USA to date. Keep reading »

  • Reflections on Prison National Strike Against Slave Labour

    Prisoners in many states in the U.S. began a coordinated National Strike on August 21, the anniversary of the killing of Black Panther member and prison activist George Jackson by guards in an escape attempt, in 1971, at San Quentin prison in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the context of the times, a mass … Keep reading »

  • Why Canadian Prisoners Are Participating in the U.S. Prison Strike

    Much of the U.S. prison system’s distinguishing features — massive racial disparities, the exploitation of prisoners’ labour by private firms, overcrowding, brutality, and much more — are the same in Canada. Keep reading »

  • The Ordeal of Hassan Diab

    In December 2014, Hassan Diab, the former Carleton University sociology professor, husband to Rania, father of a lovely toddler daughter and one month before the birth of their delightful baby son, was whisked from his home by Canadian officials and extradited to France. The reason: suspicion that he was involved in the bombing of a … Keep reading »

  • Prisoner Strike Solidarity

    The Return of Commercial Prison Labour

    Prisons are seldom mentioned under the rubric of labour market institutions such as temporary work contracts or collective bargaining agreements. Yet, prisons not only employ labour but also cast a shadow on the labour force in or out of work. The early labour movement considered the then prevalent use of prison labour for commercial purposes … Keep reading »

  • Returning to the Home that is No More There

    Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o interviewed by Mahdi Ganjavi Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (b. 1938), a Kenyan writer, is one of the most prominent African anti-colonial authors. He lived during the British colonial rule in Kenya, and was very young when he experienced the destruction of the village in which he was born, destroyed by the British colonizers. The … Keep reading »

  • The Torture of Mumia Abu-Jamal Continues off Death Row

    Supporters Demand Transfer to General Population On December 7, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to consider the Philadelphia District Attorney’s final avenue of appeal, current DA Seth Williams announced that he would no longer be seeking a death sentence for the world-renowned death row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal – on death row following his conviction … Keep reading »