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  • Where is the ‘Recovery Fund’ to Save the Lives of Migrants?

    While the “recovery fund” marks a qualitative leap in the process of European integration, battles of fundamental importance are being waged in the Mediterranean for the definition of the borders of the Europe that is to be redeveloped. Keep reading »

  • Greece: 39 Months at City Plaza for Refugees Ends

    On July 10th, 2019, the keys of squatted City Plaza, Athens, Greece, were handed back to the former employees of the hotel. All refugees living at City Plaza have been moved to safe housing within the city. Keep reading »

  • Solidarity with Migrants’ Caravan

    Statement of the Canadian Delegation in Support and Solidarity with #Migrant Caravan – International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA). Keep reading »

  • Migrant Caravans Challenge the Continent’s Governments

    Central American migrants, both desperate and courageous, have thrust themselves into the center of Mexican and U.S. politics with their demand for refuge and asylum. As the head of the NGO Pueblos Sin Fronteras told a reporter, “This isn’t just a caravan, it’s an exodus created by hunger and death.” The thousands of migrants organized … Keep reading »

  • Border Capitalism, Disrupted

    Precarity and Struggle in a Southeast Asian Industrial Zone Through to the back of the cremation grounds where the fields of sugarcane begin, Ko Soe and I coast our bicycles to a stop. It is mid-December, and the sugarcane stocks are tall now, taller than us. Somewhere amid these fields Myanmar migrant workers from the nearby … Keep reading »

  • For a World without Borders Toward Universal Citizenship

    Global Summit Calls for ‘World Without Walls’

    Convened by the Bolivian government and social movements, a global peoples’ summit on migrant and refugee rights attracted more than 4000 pro-migrant and refugee rights activists from 43 countries. Dubbed the World People’s Conference “For a World without Borders Toward Universal Citizenship,” it was held in the town of Tiquipaya, on June 20-21. Following two … Keep reading »

  • Migration and Capitalism, in the Age of Trump

    Toward the Freedom of Movement for People, Not Capital “We are people! We are not illegal!” — Kiwi Ilafonte This past May 1st, across the United States and here in Quebec, the spirit of May Day was alive and well. Immigrant workers have given International Workers’ Day a new breath of fresh air since the historic … Keep reading »

  • A Day Without Immigrants

    Millions of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, who lead hard working and productive lives, are also union members. Donald Trump launched his political campaign in 2015 with a racist attack on Mexican immigrants, painting them as rapists and murderers. He made attacks on our Muslim sisters and brothers his political trademark – even going so … Keep reading »

  • EU’s Military Strategy to Deepen Mediterranean Tragedies

    More than 800 migrants died on April 19 this year when their overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the Libyan coast. The tragedy sent soaring this year’s Mediterranean death toll which was by then around 1,500 – 10 times the deaths during the same period last year. According to the International Organization for … Keep reading »

  • Fortress Europe and a Mediterranean Cemetery for Migrants

    In the night between April 18th and April 19th a boat filled with up to 950 migrants sank in the Mediterranean Sea, 70 miles north of Libya, while trying to reach the southern European border. This was not only the greatest tragedy to date involving migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, it is also the latest … Keep reading »

  • Mobilizing Temporary Migrant Workers

    A Compendium of Forms and Preliminary Discussion While labour migration has been a recurring phenomenon in human history, what is new in the post-1970 period of restructuring in the world capitalist economy is the increased use of temporary migrant labour by employers around the world. The widespread rise of employer use of temporary migrant workers in … Keep reading »

  • Global Labour Migration

    Toronto — 7 December 2013. A meeting, designed as a dialogue, to build greater solidarity between the labour and migrant justice movements in their shared struggle against workers’ exploitation by global capital. Moderated by Jojo Geronimo. Presentations by: Evelyn Encalada, is an adjunct university professor, community organizer and researcher. She is completing a doctoral degree … Watch video »