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  • Supports for Workers and Covid-19: Two Responses

    Statement from Workers in Toronto’s Travel, Hospitality, and Transportation Sectors Our economy is built upon mobility. We all move short and long distances every day in an interconnected global economic system. The COVID-19 pandemic will affect all working people and the impact on travel, hospitality and transportation workers will be significant. These are the workers in … Keep reading »

  • Workers and the Virus: Radical Lessons from Italy in the Age of COVID-19

    In the face of the mounting coronavirus crisis, we need to start asking a crucial question: who pays for the lockdown? The last three weeks have taught some hard lessons to Italian workers. Indeed, workers have been shouldering the bulk of the crisis. This applies to workers in all sectors, and even more intensely with … Keep reading »

  • The Insanity of Making Sick People Work

    Coronavirus is putting extra burdens on workers, from health professionals to low-paid cleaning staff at the front line of combating infection. Yet many of these same workers don’t even have the right to sick pay – meaning they’ll feel compelled to work even if it risks spreading the virus. After the evacuation of its coronavirus-hit … Keep reading »

  • Safety Is Not Negotiable for Anyone – Including Healthcare Workers

    The following is a joint statement issued March 13 by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU), the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Unifor, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). As labour organizations representing close to a million healthcare … Keep reading »

  • Inoculating Against Globalization: Coronavirus and the Search for Alternatives

    Social developments constantly surprise. The latest anxieties over the economic contradictions of extreme globalization haven’t been triggered by a trade war, inter-imperial rivalry, a financial meltdown or riots in the streets. They’ve rather been sparked by an apparently non-economic and contingent event: the coronavirus outbreak. As precautionary measures send workers home in a place few … Keep reading »

  • Take My Benefits – Please!

    Employment-based healthcare has become an anchor around the neck of the US working class. Keep reading »

  • Caring in Crisis: Ontario’s Long-Term Care PSW Shortage

    The Ontario Health Coalition released a new report developed in partnership with Unifor on the Personal Support Worker (PSW) crisis in Ontario’s long-term care homes. In a press conference at the Ontario Legislature, Natalie Mehra, Executive Director of the Health Coalition, noted that we chose the word “crisis” carefully. The situation is so extreme that … Keep reading »

  • Nurses’ Unions, Climate Change and Health

    Toward A Global Agenda for Action Energy and emissions trends provide a crucial backdrop for making use of the information on health impacts presented in this report. In the longer term, unless we collectively act to shift what is happening with energy production, distribution and use, then making meaningful inroads to tackling the health impacts of … Keep reading »

  • PC Government Plans Many More Healthcare Cuts

    The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario (FAO) Economic and Budget Outlook review has identified planned government spending savings that come via [1] announced program changes (program cuts like the government’s cut to OHIP+), [2] announced efficiency targets (identified areas where the government hopes it will find savings without service cuts), and [3] cuts that have … Keep reading »

  • Healthcare Funding Means Cuts are Coming

    The group that will do the best out of the recent provincial Budget are the doctors. According to the just released Budget Estimates, OHIP funding (which goes overwhelmingly to physicians and practitioners) will go up $1.2-billion. Keep reading »

  • Day of Action Against Healthcare Cuts and Privatization

    Across Ontario, in more than one hundred hospitals and healthcare facilities, staff and patient advocates staged an “Health Action Day” on Tuesday April 23rd. Keep reading »

  • Fighting Ford: Ontario’s New Healthcare Act

    It is called “The People’s Health Care Act.” But the new healthcare omnibus Bill 74 does not reflect his promises to “the people” in the election. Keep reading »