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  • On the Current Crisis in Turkey-Greece Relations

    Relations between Turkey and Greece are currently in a phase of escalating crisis. This development can be traced back to a number of reasons. Firstly, Turkey is in a phase of intensified “power projection” in its attempt to achieve the status of a regional power, something made evident in a series of choices: its involvement … Keep reading »

  • The impacts of austerity in Greece w/ Ilias Gerakos

    Oats for Breakfast talks with Ilias Gerakos, a teacher and activist from the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, about the impact that years of austerity have had on the country. Listen to audio »

  • The Battle Against Austerity: Lessons From Greece

    Ottawa — 10 August 2015. Moderated by Susan Spronk. Presentations by: Leo Panitch is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University, Toronto Richard Fidler is life long socialist, activist and writer who blogs at “Life on the Left,” where he published “Greece: Was, and Is There, an Alternative?” Sponsored by Socialist Project … Watch video »

  • Greece: Alternatives and Exiting the Eurozone

    On 5 July 2015, by a referendum initiated by the government of Alexis Tsipras and the Hellenic Parliament, the Greek people overwhelmingly rejected the austerity measures imposed by the institutions that were known as the Troika. It was a splendid victory for democracy. However the agreement reached on Monday, 13 July will lead to fresh … Keep reading »

  • Understanding the Defeat Means Preparing a Victory

    The Greek Dilemma and Us Nine provisional considerations after both the popular Oxi and Syriza’s Yes to the Memorandum. This is being written after the vote in the Greek parliament and before the final decision of the Eurogroup (12 July). At the moment, everything is open, and we are certain of only a couple of things. … Keep reading »

  • Lessons From A Defeat In Europe

    The Troika are celebrating the end of negotiations with Greece, proclaiming that thanks to their tireless efforts the Eurozone remains whole. And why wouldn’t they celebrate. They have demonstrated their power to crush, at least for now, the Greek effort to end austerity and its associated devastating social consequences. Tragically, Syriza has not only surrendered, … Keep reading »

  • What Greece’s Creditors Should Know

    In his recent article in Le Monde (31 May 2015), Greece’s PM, Alexis Tsipras, said that if Greece were to implement the (failed) austerity policy of technocrats and bankers, then there would be no need to have elections in Greece, and indeed in any country following austerity programmes. He outlines two competing strategies that tend … Keep reading »

  • Syriza Can Show ‘Another Energy is Possible’

    New Government in Greece is committed to ‘ecological transformation’ During its first days in office, Syriza has taken actions that suggest it is willing to confront the EU’s neoliberal approach to energy and to embark on a new course. New Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has also stated his government will restore collective bargaining agreements and stop … Keep reading »

  • Hard Talk

    Syriza’s First Weeks in Power in Greece On January 25th, Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) formed a government in Greece with the help of the ANEL (Independent Greeks). Within 24 hours direct attacks, threats and provocations aimed at the Greek government, about to begin negotiations with EU and Eurozone leaders, began. The attacks were pre-emptive … Keep reading »

  • Seizing the Opportunity to Fight Austerity

    An Interview with Alexis Tsipras Alexis Tsipras is the leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left in Greece (Syriza), who recently was elected Prime Minister. This interview was conducted in October 2014 in Athens by Haris Golemis, who is an economist, Director of the Nicos Poulantzas Institute (Greece), and member of the Central Committee of … Keep reading »

  • Why the Whole World is Watching Greece

    The Coalition of the Radical Left, or Syriza, is favoured to win parliamentary elections on January 25, giving it a strong chance to form a new government that could confront the catastrophic austerity agenda that has plunged Greece into severe economic and social crisis. Here, Lee Sustar (from the Socialist Worker, where this article first … Keep reading »

  • Breakthrough in Greece? Austerity and Solidarity

    Greece will hold parliamentary elections on January 25 and Syriza, the left-wing party which has consistently called for debt restructuring and an end to austerity, is leading the polls. The IMF-European Commission-European Central Bank (Troika) are warning of the ‘threat’ of Syriza coming to power and have forcefully indicated their support for Greece’s ruling coalition … Keep reading »