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  • Lessons from the Gig Economy for Transforming Public Services

    Even before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, major upheavals were taking place in the UK labour market. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of people working for online platforms such as Deliveroo and TaskRabbit doubled from 4.7% of the adult population to 9.6% – the equivalent of 5.5 million people. Lockdown caused these trends … Keep reading »

  • Crunch Time for the Platform Management Model

    In what may come to be viewed as a historic court case, a group of UK Uber drivers from London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow have launched a legal action against Uber in the Netherlands, supported by the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU), the International Alliance of App-based Transport Workers (IAATW) and Worker Info Exchange. … Keep reading »

  • Covid-19, Google, and the future of Toronto’s Waterfront

    Waterfront Toronto is a tri-government agency with a mandate to re-develop the waterfront. In its search for a ‘funding and development’ partner it has been effectively captured by Google’s digital urbanism agenda and the potential revenue stream from the development, use and sale of ‘smart city’ technologies. Sidewalk Labs is a Google sister company with … Keep reading »

  • Waterfront Toronto: Google’s de facto Development Arm in Canada

    Big tech’s smart city initiatives aim at taking over governance and decision-making functions in cities around the world. While peer-to-peer platform giants like Uber and AirBnB have long been disrupting labour and housing markets, a current attempt by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, and sibling to Google, to develop data-driven infrastructure in Toronto not … Keep reading »

  • Rights Against the Machines

    Organizing Food Courier Work in Toronto and Bologna The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is leading a drive to unionize Foodora bike and car couriers in Toronto – the first case of these food courier workers to unionize in Canada that is currently before the Ontario Labour Relations Board. In Bologna, Italy, the Riders Union Bologna … Watch video »

  • Ten Reasons to say No: A Primer on Sidewalk Labs’ Plan for Toronto

    Review of Sidewalk Labs’ plans for Toronto’s waterfront and some of the reasons to say no to corporate control and to insist instead, on a democratic and citizen driven process. Keep reading »

  • Organizing Toronto’s Foodora Couriers w/ Brice Sopher

    Food delivery couriers working for the app-based company Foodora recently launched a union organizing drive in Toronto. We talk to Brice Sopher, who works as a Foodora courier, about the effort. Listen to audio »

  • The Digital Revolution and its Discontents

    Tanner Mirrlees (Ontario Tech University), gives the opening talk on day two of Aion Network’s Rebuild Genesis conference, April 24, 2019. Watch video »

  • Uber-Capitalism: Platform Mobility/Mobilizing Workers

    Bronwyn Frey examines some of the worker organizational strategies emerging within Indonesia’s vast informal transportation sector, where precarity is longstanding and perhaps less exceptional than in the West. Watch video »

  • Digital Games: A Canary in the Coal Mine of Capital

    Not everyone plays digital games, but with the rise of casual, mobile-based gaming, we all know someone who does. With global sales revenues that far exceed global Hollywood’s annual box office, the digital games industry is a leading and fast growing sector of digital capitalism, and the logics and mechanics of digital games are spreading … Watch video »

  • Hotels vs Housing? Platforms, Rent and Resistance in Toronto

    Whether it is called the collaborative, platform, crowd-sourcing, or ‘sharing’ economy, the rise of peer-to-peer exchanges raises important questions for workers and unions. Watch video »

  • Amazon Is the New Factory

    Warehouse Labour in the Digital Economy – analysis by Alessandro Delfanti @adelfanti Watch video »