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  • The Turkish Summer

    Toronto — 31 January 2014. Insights and Lessons from the Gezi Park Resistance The protests in Turkey from May 2013 began in opposition to development plans for Istanbul’s Taksim Square-Gezi Park. Massive sit-ins, protests, and strikes developed and spread across Turkey. The protests began around a much-despised urban development project but soon encompassed questions of freedom … Watch video »

  • Organized Labour in the Gezi Process

    Reflections on a Popular Uprising and Weakened Organized Labour The recent wave of resistance that spread from a park in one of the historic neighbourhoods of Istanbul, Turkey has evoked significant enthusiasm in and support from various movements and segments of populations in several countries. Although the park, which had been a temporary home for thousands … Keep reading »

  • Chapuling in Turkey

    Toronto — 23 June 2013. Occupy Gezi and Reflections from the Turkish Left Since the end of May, Turkey has seen the rise of a social movement that has serious implications, both for freedom and democracy within the Turkish state as well as broader geopolitical ramifications. The movement and its protests have galvanized Turkish society and … Watch video »

  • Gezi Protests in Turkey: A Historic Milestone

    The Gezi Park protests in Istanbul have been the center of attention not only in Turkey but the whole world during the last few weeks. This has been a revolt unforeseeable in terms of its scale, influence, the intensity of its resentment, and the courage, determination, and self-confidence of masses of people, many with no … Keep reading »

  • The State and The Future of Democracy in Turkey

    Toronto — 20 June 2013. In recent years Turkey has been presented as a “model democracy” for the Middle East. In recent weeks, what started out as a protest against the conversion of a park to a shopping centre in Istanbul, has evolved into a national protest movement about democracy and grievances related to neoliberalism, … Watch video »

  • Gezi Park Evacuated, Istanbul and Turkey Explode

    After days of hesitation and negotiation, the government has finally decided to evacuate the Taksim Commune, where thousands camped in Gezi Park and which tens of thousands visited every night. Police attacked Gezi Park yesterday evening (June 15) and after evacuating it using tear gas and, as a novelty, water cannon apparently supplemented with a … Keep reading »

  • Chapuling in Turkey

    The Turkish Uprising of May 27, 2013 When the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called the protesters in the streets of Istanbul plunderers (çapulcu) on June 2, he contributed a new verb to the English language. A video clip of the resistance – entitled “Everyday I’m Chapuling” – hit the internet on June 4 with new … Keep reading »

  • C’est Une Revolte, Pas (Encore) Une Revolution!

    On May Day 2013, the police poured tonnes of tear gas on tens of thousands of workers and youth in different quarters of Istanbul, Turkey in order to stop them from approaching Taksim Square. The government had decided that this square, the traditional venue for May Day celebrations and home to daily political actions big … Keep reading »

  • Report from Turkey: A Taste of Tahrir at Taksim

    Istanbul has become a battlefield covered by tear gas. The police, no doubt at the behest of the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP government, have been attacking protestors in the centre of the city, near Taksim Square, for five consecutive days. This would have been no news at all: Turkish police are famous … Keep reading »