Tag: Ecosocialism

  • Climate Justice Charter in South Africa

    We need to build working class and popular power to confront the biggest challenge we face as a species. As democrats we are putting forward our demands, aspirations and alternatives to build a society that can mitigate and endure climate change. Watch video »

  • A Strategic Perspective for Uniting Ecosocialists in Québec

    Newly formed ‘Révolution écosocialiste’ organization proposes a green, ecosocialist and democratic program for building a mass movement in the 21st century. Keep reading »

  • Ecosocialism: The Strategic Debate

    Those of us who inhabit planet Earth in the 21st century face a huge problem. Our own species, homo sapiens (modern humans), are trashing the planet at an ever increasing and more destructive rate. If this continues the ability of the planet to sustain life (human life in particular) could be gone within decades. We … Keep reading »

  • Eco-Socialist Futures /w Dimitri Lascaris

    We speak with Dimitri Lascaris about his experience running for leader of the Green Party of Canada as an eco-socialist. We also delve into eco-socialism’s intersections with internationalist foreign policy, the COVID-19 health crisis, and the future of the Canadian left. Listen to audio »

  • For an Egalitarian, Cooperative Road to an Ecosocialist Future

    This important Ecosocialist Manifesto, published by the Green Left emerges out of Australia in preparation for the forthcoming conference, Ecosocialism 2020: From rebellion to revolution, supported by the Socialist Alliance. It will be open for further discussion and development through a series of Ecosocialism conferences in several cities across Australia in late October. We are … Keep reading »

  • The Politics of Ecosocialism

    Interview with Ian Angus about the pressing need to develop the politics of ecosocialism in the world today. Keep reading »

  • The Political Economy of Half-Earth

    Troy Vettese analyses the global climate crisis and suggests renewable energy, biodiversity, and climate-focussed afforestation should be viewed as interlinked political objectives. Keep reading »

  • To Freeze the Thames

    Geo-Science, Social Risk and Climate Struggles Is advanced-industrial capitalism capable of finding solutions for the environmental devastation it causes? Or are the logics of capitalism and environmental sustainability inherently and irreconcilably at odds? This session of the Capitalism Workshop explores the economics and politics surrounding natural geo-engineering – re-wilding agricultural land, freed up by compulsory veganism … Watch video »

  • Ecological Sustainability, Inequality and Social Class

    Karl Marx’s concept of sustainability is connected to his concepts of metabolism and reproduction. While the first connection is well recognized in recent literature (famously in the work of Paul Burkett, John Bellamy Foster and many others), the second connection is not. Moreover, sustainability is potentially connected to another crucial concept in Marx’s thinking – … Keep reading »

  • Red and Green: The Ecosocialist Perspective

    The contemporary international political economy is marked by a great contradiction. On a planet characterized by finite resources, the economy is predicated upon an absurd and irrational logic of infinite expansion and accumulation. With its fossil fuel based operations continually spewing carbon into the earth’s atmosphere, the capitalist system’s productivist obsession with profit has brought humanity to the brink of an abyss. Keep reading »

  • Fighting for Climate Justice

    Lies, damn lies and statistics, right? Well not always – sometimes statistics dramatise social reality in a graphic way. A year before the devastating floods in India, Bangladesh and Texas, a little-noticed UN report revealed extraordinary figures about the effects of climate change worldwide. Climate-related catastrophe is now not just an additional hazard for the … Keep reading »

  • A Resistance Movement for the Planet

    Climate change is out of control. It is already too late to avoid soaring temperatures, scarce water, and extreme weather. But the financial structure of capitalism is tied to fossil fuels. Market-based solutions are ineffectual. John Bellamy Foster, a professor of sociology at the University of Oregon and the editor of Monthly Review, speaks about … Keep reading »